What We’re Drinkin’ This Week….

In this episode Lauren is on a summer hiatus, but Leigh and Carrie are holding things down at Fort Lewis studios! They welcome Kristin Ray who runs the FAB podcast and blog that supports Females in Athletic Business. We have a great discussion on all the options that are out there for women who are interested in the sports industry and how FAB is working to support that. The GBS fact of the week is all about a World Cup soccer match you’ve probably never heard of, Carrie talks her way around her upcoming appearance on a very popular cooking show and of course we play Take It or Leave It. If you want the number to the Hall and Oates emergency hotline you’re just gonna hafta listen.

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Carrie’s beer this week comes from Lost Coast Brewery in California.  Thier, Great White was purchased on label and name alone, but turned out to be a pretty good summer beer.  At only 4.8% this is a back porch day drinker you could easily have more than one of.  It’s pretty light in flavor and went down very quickly over the course of the show.  Interestingly it was brewed by a female brewer (Barbara), which made us like it even more.  The label (although not pictured here) states that the beer should have flavors of coriander and spice, although Carrie didn’t get either.  We still recommend adding this your cooler though, especially if you like beer that drinks quickly.


Leigh had an interesting pick this week from the Fort Lewis beer fridge.  Maeloc’s Sidra Pera, a pear cider from Spain.  Leigh definitely had never had this brand before and thought the cider was good.  At only 4.4% and not too sweet it’s absolutely a must buy if you are looking for something different.  And while the cider was tasty, the biggest reason to make this purchase is for the bottle cap.  It’s a great design and as you can see in the above picture, it has a built in bottle opener, which also makes the cap fit back on the bottle very nicely.  It’s almost like the fidget spinners of bottle caps, highly recommend!

What We’re Drinkin’ This Week…..

In this episode Leigh and Carrie are joined by Brett from independent film makers Wine &Pop Tarts and Bevin the Director of Social Media from Pivot. It’s a rare Monday remote from Pivot cidery. Carrie has her first beer in a week and talks about the final divorce from her wisdom teeth, Brett talks about Sleep Away Camp the movie, Bevin talks everything that’s going on at Pivot, Leigh drops the first ever GBS F bomb and there is plenty of sports and nonsports topics on Take It or Leave It. Did I mention Leigh drops the F bomb!

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What We’re Drinkin’ This Week….

Stacey is in and Leigh is out, but we’re joined by Rebecca and Ben from lovemebrew.com to talk all things craft beer. It’s Lexington Craft Beer Week and Ben and Rebecca discuss their love of craft beer and why they probably won’t go back to the Derby! We have one RIP this week, and Carrie can’t believe that Lauren didn’t know who it was. We learn some things about Wikipedia in the fact of the week. And Rambo, Bill & Ted, the Royals and pretzel necklaces make an appearance in Take It or Leave It! Grab a beer and drink along with us!

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In honor of the derby last week our guests from lovemebrew.com Rebecca and Ben shared Braxton Brewing’s Kentucky Home Mint Julep Style Beer.  At 9.5% they agreed that this was a beer that was made for sharin’.  Rebecca wasn’t a big fan of this one, she didn’t get much mint off of it and found it a bit too sweet and wasn’t sure what the base beer was.  Ben enjoyed it, but again said that he probably couldn’t drink the whole thing by himself.


Stacey had left another beer from Golden Road at the Stanley Manor studios, but Lauren drank it, so she had to go with another choice from Golden Road, Hazelnut Hills brown ale with hazelnut flavor.  Overall this is a good beer, but it’s one you would want to drink during the fall because of it’s rich brown flavor.  Lauren drank the lawnmower beer becasue Stacey left it at her house and it was hot outside.



Lauren got a gift from the Ft. Lewis Derby party last week and that came in the form of a special release Country Boy Brewing bomber, Constant Sorrow a Double India Pale Ale aged in Bourbon Barrels.  Full disclosure, this beer had been sitting on top of the Ft. Lewis Beer fridge for about 2 years.  Surprisingly the beer had not turned and was actually still drinkable.  For being aged in bourbon barrels it wasn’t too boozy, and maintained it’s grassy IPA flavor.  This was a special release, so you might not be able to find it, unless you make a visit to Ft. Lewis who still may have a few bottles left.


It’s 91 degrees here in Lexington and nothing beats the heat like a lighter easy drinking beer.  Carrie’s pick this week fits the bill.  Lagunitas’s 12th of Never Ale.  This is a crisp, light, hop forward beer that delivers what it promises.  This is a tall boy can  and at 5.5% there is not reason you can’t enjoy more than one this summer.  Also we can’t wait to call the number on the side of the can on the show and see what happens!  Stay tuned for that!


What We’re Drinkin’ This Week….

It’s the third annual Derby episode, recorded in the heart of the Ft. Lewis Derby party! It’s a free for all crossover as Carrie and Lauren are joined by Shawn, Chad and John from Bourbon and Bad Opinions. We talk derby topics, Kentucky topics and lots of general nonsense. John talks about his first job at Kmart, Carrie explains why she will never go back to Churchill Downs and of course we play some Take It or Leave It. There are plenty of beverages consumed in this one, keep the party going and give it a listen!

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Lauren picked from the Derby Party  beer roulette cooler and ended up with Shiner Bock’s Oktoberfest.  It’s definitely not even close to being Oktoberfest, but that’s the chance you take when playing beer roulette.  Since this is a seasonal beer, it’s been at Ft. Lewis for a while, surprisingly it was still drinkable.  Lauren didn’t hate it and would absolutely drink it when September rolls around.


Since it was Cinco de Mayo in edition to the Kentucky Derby, Carrie doubled down and went with local Lexington brewers West Sixth Cerveza.  This is a light, crisp, refreshing beer.  It’s everything you want in a beer for this time of year for the back porch.  It’s available in 6 pack cans, if you can find it in your local grocery or liquor store pick some up!

What We’re Drinkin’ This Week…..

In this jam packed episode Stacey comes out of hibernation to join us in the fourth chair and in the 5th chair we welcome guest Tim Estes from WPBK FM in Standford Kentucky. We learn what tradio is, talk Standford Cow Bell Days, discuss whether or not we would use a credit card at a garage sale and give a toast to 7 RIPs. The GBS fact of the week becomes story time with the most incredible game you’ve never heard of, and we’ve got promposals, Gronk’s horse, royal babies and two of the best shows on tv in Take It or Leave It. As always you’re just gonna hafta listen to get all our hot takes.

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Lauren was kind enough this week to let us take the sharin’ beer out of the Stanley Manor Studios beer stash.  Evil Twin’s Big Ass Money Stout is to quote Lauren “danger in a can”  This and Imperial Stout that at 17.4% you would think would knock you on your ass.  That’s where the danger comes in, it’s very smooth, lots of chocolate, and absolutely not over the top boozy.  If we hadn’t split it, it may have been a different story, but even putting it in tiny glasses didn’t stop it from disappearing from the table quickly.  It is a bit expensive at $10 a can, but if you like Imperial Stouts and want something that is a really high ABV that tastes amazing it’s worth dropping the saw buck on.




We gave our guest this week Tim Estes his pick from the beer fridge and he went with something that he knew.  Yuengling’s Black & Tan.  From a previous show, you may know that we aren’t huge fans of this Yuengling, but as someone who isn’t super into beer Tim found it very approachable and drinkable.  We always encourage people to drink what ya want!



After last week’s  14% wine in a can, Leigh scaled back her ABV this week to a new to her anyway, Ciderboys pick.  Their Raspberry Smash is actual a seasonal cider that’s usually only available in the spring March 1st-May 31st. Leigh is a huge fan on Ciderboys and once again this one didn’t disappoint.  Not too sweet with a nice balance of raspberry highly recommend picking this one up while supplies last.



Hearing that the weather was finally taking a spring turn and possibly staying there, Stacey came out of hibernation and brought Lagunitas Sumpin’ Easy Ale with her, in the can of course.  This beer delivered what it promised, it’s a bit fruity, a bit hoppy and very refreshing.  Just put this one on the patio beer cooler list, but make sure it’s in the can.



Lauren hopped (pun intended) back on the IPA train this week with Sierra Nevada’s Hazy Little Thing IPA.  This IPA is again one that we would recommend because it’s got a lot of flavor without being overpoweringly hoppy.  It’s wasn’t super bitter and was well balanced alternating between citrus on the front end and hops on the back end.  The haziness also helped mellow it out.  Like IPAs? Pick this one up….Trying to get on the IPA train?  Pick this one up.



After last week’s late April snow, Carrie finally decided to jump on the summer beer wagon to try and finally get rid of winter around here.  First up, Deschutes Twilight Summer Ale.  This limited release is a classic summer ale, light and refreshing.  Not a ton of flavor, but this is absolutely a beer that is designed for summer drinking, sitting on the back porch and having more than one.  We would suggest drinking this one super cold for maximum refreshment.



What We’re Drinkin’ This Week…..

No guest this week, but we bring it anyway. We rage against the fact that it’s still snowing in the middle of April and talk about how the weather is ruining everything. We give a couple of shout outs, talk about how everyone should go support EKU’s marching band, there are two big RIPs and one RIT. We play a fun game of who should the Browns take with the 1st pick in the draft and Leigh and Lauren take the Wonderlic test while Carrie reads the GBS facts of the week. There’s also plenty of fun in a new round of Take It or Leave It.

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Lauren and Carrie split the sharin’ beer this week, Crooked Stave’s Petite Sour Raspberry, a Farmhouse Style Ale aged on Oak with Raspberries.  The ABV on this one is surprisingly low at 4.5%, despite being aged on Oak, although we weren’t exactly clear on what kind of oak.  This beer definitely has plenty of sour and fruit going on.  Lauren and Carrie are big fans of fruit beers so they both enjoyed it.  The raspberry was really able to come through the farmhouse style and paired nicely with the sour.  If you like sours and fruit beers this is one you should absolutely try.


Leigh was very very very excited that grocery stores and liquor stores in Lexington are now selling wine in a can.  So this week she went with Alloy Wine Works Pinot Noir.  Leigh really liked this beverage and at 14.5% it liked her right back.  She didn’t finish the whole thing, but it was dangerously easy to drink quickly and you’ll have to listen to the episode to figure out when the wine starts treating her right.  In addition to the actual wine, Leigh was also excited that now she can take wine to tailgates and parties without having to bring an actual bottle.  If you like wine or are a wine drinker, definitely check on Alloy Wine Works products in the can.


Lauren refuses to give up on trying to channel Spring to stick around the area through beer.  So, her pick this week comes from New Belgium brewing, their easy going DayBlazer.  This beer delivers what it promises, refreshing, easy drinking and a classic lawn mower/porch beer.  We aren’t sure that this is gonna work to bring the warmth around here, but Lauren is going to keep trying.  If you want to help we suggest you pick up DayBlazer and get to drinkin’


Hi-Wire brewing from Ashville North Carolina has made its way to our area of Kentucky, so Carrie was happy to find them at Liquor Barn.  Carrie decided to start out with their Mosaic IPA.  Mosaic hops are really great due to the fact that they don’t have a ton of bitterness or grapefruit flavor that tends to be off-putting in many IPAs.  Hi-Wire’s Hi-Pitch Mosaic IPA is  a really easy drinking IPA with a lot of flavor without the bitterness.  If you don’t really like IPAs because of the bitterness of some varieties of hops or are looking to get into IPAs give Hi-Wire’s Hi-Pitch Mosaic IPA a try.

What We’re Drinkin’ This Week…..

Leigh’s back from Mexico and we are joined by friend of the show and repeat guest Matt Gordon in the fourth chair. We recap Leigh’s trip to Mexico, find out why Carrie had such an issue with Black Jacket Symphony’s performance of GnR’s AFD and learn about Matt’s Mood Table that he constructed for the Men in Blazers. We have a very depressing Fact of the Week, talk The Masters and of course play Take It or Leave It. If you want to know about the Squirrel you’ll just have to listen.

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The Sharin’ beer and the guest’s beer are one in the same this week.  Matt was kind enough to bring and share a nice big bottle of local Lexington favorite, West Sixth Brewing’s Sixfold Series Wine Barrel Saison.  Unfortunately you can only find/purchase this beer at the West Sixth Taproom, but if you are in the area we highly recommend picking it up.  Although it’s been aged in wine barrels, it’s only 6.5% and really is not very boozy.  It does contain brett, which seemed to help balance out the alcohol picked up by the barrel aging.  Matt, Carrie and Lauren all liked it’s slightly funky, sour flavor and found it very drinkable.  This is one you would not have to share if you didn’t want to.


Back from Mexico Leigh need something that wasn’t super sweet, low in alcohol percentage and didn’t contain tequilla.  She found just the thing in the Stanely Manor Studio’s beer fridge in the form of Crabbie’s Spiced Orange Ginger Beer.  With just slight hints of orange and ginger this not too sweet beverage was just what Leigh needed after partying it up South of the Border.  If you’re looking to branch out beyond either cider or other non malt beverages, check out Crabbie’s full line of ginger beers, including this one.


We are desperate for Spring to finally get here and stay and Lauren was trying to make that happen by drinking a Founders Solid Gold.  Once the weather does finally allow us to mow our yards and sit on the porch this is a beer we will definitely be drinking.  It’s the classic lawn mower/porch sitting beer, low ABV, easy drinking and actually very reasonably priced.  So much so that Lauren bought a 24 pack.  We’re really hoping this does the trick cause we are way over winter at this point.


Carrie, on the other hand has completely given up on it ever getting warm and staying warm again so she’s sticking with dark beers.  This week’s selection comes from Saugatuck Brewing Company in Michigan.  We had their pancake beer on a previous show and really liked it and their Neapolitan Milk Stout was no different .  It was similar to Braxton Brewing’s Grater’s Black Raspberry Chip, it had a very nice balance of chocolate and strawberry flavor.  There wasn’t much Vanilla, but no one really likes the Vanilla in Neapolitan ice cream anyway.  Try it at room temperature to get the flavors to really come together.