What We’re Drinkin’ This Week…

In this episode we welcome Mary from A Sip of Sports as our first ever full show phone guest. We find out what A Sip of Sports is all about, talk surviving St. Patrick’s Day, recap our visit to Lemons Mill Brewery, let you know what you should be watching on TV right now, talk the insane weekend that was the First and Second Rounds of the NCAA Tournament, try to find out what makes a Cinderella at this point and play a new round of Take It or Leave It.

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Lauren and Carrie split a can of EvilTwin Brewing’s Imperial Doughnut Break this week.  Doughnut Break is an Imperial Porter with coffee, vanilla, almonds and doughnuts added.  This beer was fine for an imperial porter, it poured slightly thick and was rich and dark in color.  Even after letting it warm up, however, neither Lauren or Carrie got much vanilla, almonds or doughnuts from it.  It had a decent coffee flavor to it, but beyond that we didn’t get much from it.  At 11.5%, however, it wasn’t super boozy, we just aren’t sure that the price point of over $9 a can it warrants picking it up.


Leigh was super excited about her beverage of choice this week, Angry Orchard’s Rose’ is a cider that she has been looking for and wanting to try for a while.  She was in luck this week because the Liquor Barn in Hamburg here in Lexington Kentucky finally had some in stock.  She was not disappointed in this one at all.  It was very drinkable and slightly dry.  Many times when you see a beverage with a pink color, you think it’s going to be on the sweet side.  Leigh was definitely happy that this wasn’t the case, which is a good thing because they only came in 6 packs, so Carrie still has 5 more at her house.


We are all ready for spring to begin and Smarch to go away and Lauren definitely brought that sentiment to the table with her choice of Taft Brewing’s Nellie’s a Key Lime Caribbean style ale.  Taft Brewing is right up the road from us in Cincinnati and we were happy to see that they are canning and distributing in our neck of the woods.  Lauren stole this from Stacey’s beer fridge stash, but it was absolutely worth it.  This is a very light, refreshing beer that isn’t overpowered with key lime flavor.  It definitely avoids any kind of artificial or chemically flavor and at 4.8% is a beer you could have more than one of.  This would be a great patio/lawnmower beer.  We highly recommend looking for this one in your area when the weather finally lets us sit on the patio without the threat of snow.


Carrie is also done with winter and it showed with her pick of New Belgium’s Tartastic Raspberry Lime Ale.  This is again is a nice refreshing fruit beer, that has a great balance of fruit and tart.  The raspberry and lime aren’t overpowering or chemically tasting and the sour adds to the flavor rather than distracting from it.  Add this to your list of porch sitting/lawnmower drinking beers when the winter finally takes a hike.

What We’re Drinkin This Week….

In this episode we are joined by Chandler and Jen from Lyle’s BBQ in Lexington Kentucky. We talk all about bbq, their podcast Behind the Bluegrass and what constitutes Kentucky Burgoo. We also discuss if the stache or the beard is greater, based on Carrie’s appearance on Scout Team Sports Radio, we shout out to USA Rugby 7s for winning the World championship, and of course play an awesome round of Take It or Leave It. Want to know what the hell Chicken Mull is, you’re just gonna hafta listen.

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Lauren and Carrie split the sharin’ beer this week, which both were actually very excited about.  We always love finding imports from Craft Breweries outside of the United States and we were thrilled when we came across Colorado’s (Brazil’s Craftiest Brewery) Bertho.  This import from Brazil is a Dark Ale brewed with Brazil Nuts.  Lauren and Carrie thought the complexity of the favors was very interesting.  It started out very sweet and malty, but as it warmed up that sweetness went away and a more nutty flavor came through.  It was a very nice beer and if you can find it we highly recommend picking it up.  We also recommend drinking it at room temperature, it definitely got better as it warmed up.


Our guest this week Chandler was all about LandShark Lager.  Landshark Lager is a Jimmy Buffet beer and actually we’d agree with Chandler’s assessment that it’s better than Corona.  Even though it’s still technically winter here in Lexington, Kentucky Chandler was trying to call the gods of summer with the LandShark.  We can’t disagree with his reasoning and again this is a solid beer to test that theory with.  It’s a great patio beer even if the patio you’re sitting on is still 30 degrees.


Leigh was very excited this week to venture out to the Stanley Studio beer fridge and find that Lauren had been collecting cider for her in a special cider drawer.  She was also excited to find that one of those offerings was something she had never had before from a place we had no idea existed.  Over the Rhine Cider Company in Cincinnati Ohio, which again we didn’t know was a thing.  Leigh tried their Crisp Hard Cider and found it to be pretty good, not too sweet and what you want in a standard cider.  She felt like she could definitely have more than one without being overpowered with sweetness or feeling too full.  We’re excited to find more of their products.  A visit to Cincinnati might also be in order.


Lauren’s pick this week comes from Prairie Artisan Ales and was picked mainly on label artwork.  Their Brett C. is a farmhouse ale brewed with cascade and citra hops with a touch of sea salt.  Surprisingly this was a very well-balanced beer.  Sometimes the addition of Brett, especially to a farmhouse style ale can make it too sour.  This wasn’t the case here, however, the citra and cascade hops helped to balance out the sour and the allowed the Brett to give the ale a more earthy flavor.  If you’re looking for something with a complex earthy flavor that isn’t too sour definitely check this one out.


Carrie decided to stay in state with her pick this week (sorry we couldn’t find a picture of the exact can, but it does have a picture of a cow on it if that helps) with MileWide Beer Company’s McPolye Milk Stout.  MileWide is based in Louisville Kentucky, and they produce a variety of different styles.  We highly recommend their Barstow, which is a super easy drinking American Pale Ale.  Their Milk Stout is also pretty easy drinking.  With  nice balance of light and dark, there is some sweetness but it does a nice job of balancing out the heaviness of the stout.  Definitely a good representation of that style of beer.  Of course we recommend picking it up and supporting Kentucky Breweries.

What We’re Drinkin This Week….

In this episode Brunch Phoenix aka Stacey is in the house for her second episode in a row and Coach Clay from UK Hockey joins us in the 5th seat. We wrap up the UK Hockey season by talking about their trip to the SEC Hockey Tournament, the future of the program and when we might be able to buy UK Hockey Jerseys. We also talk the mess that is the FBI/NCAA basketball investigation, wrap up the Olympics and play Take It or Leave It where Leigh gets fired up about a possible MLB rules change.

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The Sharin’ beer this week, is an import from Belgium called Lucifer.  Lucifer is a Belgian style golden ale, even though the artwork and the name would lead you to believe that this beer may have some heat it doesn’t.  We were actually hoping for some heat or maybe a little darkness to the beer, unfortunately it had neither.  Not that it was a bad beer, it definitely delivered what it promised in terms of the style, sweet, fruity and light.  It was good for a belgian golden ale, the artwork and the name was far edgier than the beer.


Our guest this week opted for a non-alcohlic beverage, going for the Kentucky produced and favorite beverage of Central Kentuckians everywhere, Ale 8 One.  Ale 8 One is produced in Winchester Kentucky and is a staple beverage in this area.  It’s taste is similar to ginger ale and there are caffiene free and diet versions available.  If you’re in the Central Kentucky area, this is a must try beverage.  GBS pro-tip it makes a great mixer for your favorite bourbon.


Our guest Coach Clay was kind enough to bring us some Braxton Grater’s Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip Milk Stout.  Now, we’ve had this beer on the show, but he suggested that we drink it warm/ at room temperature.  Lauren decided to make this her beer of the week and of course Carrie wasn’t going to say no.  Don’t get us wrong it’s great on draft and in a cold can, but drinking it at room temperature definitely changed the flavor.  Both Lauren and Carrie agreed that you could taste a more complex chocolate/raspberry flavor at room temperature.  We highly recommend picking some up and trying it for yourself!



Leigh got into some Shacksbury Pet Nat Farmhouse Cider this week.  This was a buy from Pivot in Lexington.  It’s a dry not to fruity cider that Leigh really enjoyed.  Very little sweetness on this one, which in Leigh’s opinion was a good thing.  Very drinkable, highly recommend.


Two shows in a row for the Brunch Phoenix meant that she was back on the Gose train with Victory Brewing’s Kirsch Gose.  *Please note that even though a bottle is pictured here, she very much had it in the can*  This beer is brewed with coriander seeds (yes that’s cilantro) and is a great representation of th gose style.  Like Goses?  Pick this one up, you really can’t go wrong with Victory.



Carrie’s beer this week comes from White Squirrel Brewery in Bowling Green Kentucky.  We love our Kentucky produced beers and White Squirrel’s Pale Ale is a great lighter beer with some great flavor.  Not much more to say about this beer other than it’s a pretty standard Pale Ale, but we highly recommend it because, well Kentucky!


What We’re Drinkin’ This Week….

What better way to celebrate turning 100 than with your own beer!  Thanks again to Derek and Mirror Twin for making it happen!

Its episode 100 y’all! Recorded live at Mirror Twin Brewing! The four OGBS members are in the house. Find out how GBS started, what are favorite moments/episodes have been and also learn some fun facts about each of us. We also talk some Olympics and of course play a brand new round of Take it or Leave it. Thanks to everyone who came out to Mirror Twin, thanks to Derek for making us an awesome beer and thanks to everyone who listens! We’re just getting started!

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100 never looked so good!
Cheers to 100 more!

What We’re Drinkin’ This Week….

In this episode Leigh has risen from the ashes of the Brunch Phoenix and we also welcome stand up comic and local TV personality Lee Cruse to the 4th chair! We have our first GBS movie review, where we talk about The Cutting Edge. Of course we talk the Super Bowl and we tell how we really feel about Philly fans. Ever hear of Skijoring? Well find out all about it in the GBS fact of the week. Of course we play a new round of Take It or Leave It and Lee Cruse gives some great advice to anyone who has ever thought about being a stand up comic!

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Our guest Lee Cruse stuck to water this week, but that didn’t stop Lauren and Carrie from sharin’ Oskar Blues Brewing’s Ten Fidy Barrel Aged Imperial Stout.  This is one of those beers that is high gravity and could sneak up on you if you aren’t careful.  We were surprised that it was 13%, because unlike many barrel aged beers this one was not boozy at all.  It was super smooth and extremely drinkable, hints of coffee, vanilla and roasty goodness really came through.  The groundhog predicted 6 more weeks of winter so there is still time to enjoy what we would consider cold weather beer.


Leigh was on the Ciderboys train again this week with their Cranberry Road, an apple cranberry hard cider.  Ciderboys does many ciders very well, unfortunately for Leigh she thought this one was just too sweet.  It definitely had a lot of cranberry flavor, but the sweetness was just too much for Leigh to overcome.  If you like sweet ciders then check this one out.


Lauren picked a standard brewery this week, going with Samuel Adams’s Cold Snap.  Again 6 more weeks of winter equals our continued foray into cold weather style beers.  The Cold Snap is a pretty solid white ale brewed with spices.  This style of beer is pretty standard for a winter warmer type of beer.  Lauren likened it heavily to a Heffe style beer very similar in flavor to Blue Moon.  If you like Blue Moon, winter warmers or a good heffe then pick this one up.


Carrie’s beer this week was purchased on name only.  Braxton Brewing’s Dead Blow, a Tropical Stout with Starter Coffee.  Located in Covington Kentucky Braxton likes to make experimental beers, some we’ve had like the Grater’s Black Raspberry Chip stout work really well and others like their Blueberry Pie beer just didn’t do it for us.  The Dead Blow is a good coffee stout.  It wasn’t clear based on flavor where the tropical came into play, Carrie didn’t get any coconut or other tropical flavors from it, but the coffee flavor was really nice.  If you like coffee stouts with cool names, then definitely pick up some Braxton Brewing’s Dead Blow.

What We’re Drinkin’ This Week…


From Left to Right..American Pale Ale, Peach Saison, Funky Sour and Blueberry Mead.

Since our guest Chris Paumi brought us some of his fine home brew beer we don’t have a review on the site of what we drank.  You’ll just have to check out this week’s episode to hear all about his brew.

Lauren and Carrie are holding down the GBS Fort in this episode. Stacey aka the Brunch Phoenix flew to close to the sun on the wings of bottomless Bloody Marys and took Leigh down with her. That’s OK though cause friend of the show, professional chemist and prolific brewer Chris Paumi joins us for a repeat guest appearance. We talk the Cincinnati craft brew scene, Chris talks about his trip to New Zealand and what’s going on with the craft brewing all the way around the world. We also talk a little tennis, Kentucky basketball’s win over WVU and the Super game which shall not be named and of course play Take It or Leave It. Chris brought us a lot of home brew for this one, so give a listen!

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What We’re Drinkin’ This Week…

In this episode Stacey returns from her nomadic brunch adventures. Carrie gives a run down of her trip to New Orleans, including why flying sucks, airport porta potties, mary jane on bourbon street, why you should read A Confederacy of Dunces and being one star people dining in a 5 star establishment. We also talk some tennis and the Australian Open, discuss the Winter Olympic team fashion and play a new round of take it or leave it. Be a brunch phoenix and give a listen.

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The sharin’ beer this week comes from Sam Adams.  Their Dark Depths Baltic IPA is a small batch special release beer, that if you can still find, we highly recommend picking up.  It’s a dark beer that works really well.  It combines the best of a dark beer with roasty and malty flavors with the best of the citrus of an IPA.  The balance works very well, the dark flavors definitely help balance out the hoppy citrus of the IPA and takes away some of the bitterness.  Stacey, Carrie and Lauren all liked this one, again if you can find it definitely pick it up.


Leigh’s pick this week comes from Blake’s Hard Cider.  The El Chavo is an interesting cider, we love Country Boy’s Nacho Bait (blonde with Habanero) so we were excited that Leigh finally got a cider with some heat.  Again this is an interesting cider, it’s has less of a traditional cider flavor and more of a mango/heat forward flavor.  If you are interested in beers/ciders with heat and haven’t tried this one yet, definitely recommend.


Stacey hasn’t been on the show in several, several weeks and she needs to restock her beer fridge and quit raiding Lauren’s.  Her pick this week comes from Lauren’s beer fridge, Fall’s City Pale Ale.  Lauren had Fall’s City Lamplighter a few shows ago and even though the Pale Ale is a different style it didn’t disappoint.  Of course Stacey liked it even more because it was in the can.  If you are looking for a solid pale ale that’s Kentucky proud, check this one out.


Lauren’s pick this week comes from Magic Hat.  Their Circus Boy is a Hefeweizen (not Half Bison) that has all of the citrus slightly creamy flavor of a Heffe that you want.  It’s unfiltered with a nice haze and decent wheat flavor.  If you like the Heffe style and you haven’t had Magic Hat, pick this one up.


Carrie’s pick this week comes from Deschute’s Brewery.  Deschutes makes some great beer in many different styles.  In fact we highly recommend their Fresh Squeezed IPA.  Thier Black Butte Porter is no exception to their family of excellent beers.  Not too thick with some subtle roasty flavors, it’s very drinkable and very accessible to porter and non-porter fans alike.  If you like an easy drinking porter pick this one up, even if you are hesitant of porters this would be a good one to try, it may change your mind.