What We’re Drinking This Week…..

In this episode Leigh is back in the studio and we have two in house guests. Our girl Elle from New York, making her third appearance on the show and Kyle Sutton, making his second guestomer appearance to tell us all about the importance of Movember. We have a special GBS PSA this week, Carrie finally gets her car back and Elle explains why she thinks Kroger is a tourist attraction. College football ain’t over and neither is our pick’em. News of the weird has to do with birds falling in with the wrong crowd and as always we’ve got some quality Take It or Leave It topics.

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What We’re Drinkin’ This Week…..

In this episode we are joined by Connecticut radio personality Florence Carmela. We find out what Guns n Roses weather is, Leigh learns to take a complement about the Browns and there is an update about Carrie’s car. We have two big RIP’s in the world of sci-fi and comics, along with the week 12 College Football Pick’em. Florence tells us her inspirational story about how she is following her dream working in radio for WEBE 108 FM and WICC 600 AM in Connecticut, two radio stations she grew up with. It’s an inspirational story of persistence and believing in yourself. We have a sweet news of the weird story between an Emu and a Donkey and of course as always we finish with some Take It or Leave It. Some interesting beers on the table this week, but you’re gonna hafta listen to hear about those.

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