What We’re Drinkin This Week…

Apologies for not updating the website in a while….

Leigh and Carrie are back at Fort Lewis Studios in this episode with special guest play by play guy and the voice of Louisville City FC Clay Ables! We talk to Clay about how he got into play by play announcing, what his dream game to call would be and who he would love to broadcast with. We grade the overall World Cup and Carrie declares that Croatia’s President is the ultimate soccer mom. The GBS news of the weird this week is a bit of a call back to the last episode and Carrie delivers an extra special GBS PSA. Of course we play Take It or Leave It! Oh and we drink a couple of beverages from breweries we’ve never heard of.

Listen to “Episode 121 Castpys > Cardspys” on Spreaker.



This is one we’ve never heard of before, thanks to whoever left it at Fort Lewis last weekend.  If you like IPA’s highly recommend.  For a double IPA its surprisingly smooth and not too bitter or grapefruity on the back-end.   It has a nice amber color and at 8.4% its not a lawn mower beer, but it is deceptively quick drinking.


Leigh also got to join in the we’ve never had anything from this brewery train this week with Argus Fermentables out of Austin Texas.  Their Ginger Perry cider is a very complex interesting cider with ginger up front and pear on the back.  It’s also fairly dry with very limited sweetness.  It is a little pricey at $11 for a four pack, but definitely worth it if you’re looking for a new cider that would fit into that craft category.

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