What We’re Drinkin This Week….

In this episode we are joined by New York friend of the show Elle and wow is the conversation lit! We talk a ridiculous amount of topics this week, including two GBS PSA’s, we shout out to Retro Cinema and Gidgit Von La Rue for their love of 80’s movies especially Adventures in Babysitting, we have several RIP’s this week including the Jerry Springer Show and we talk to Elle about her journey to Kentucky fandom and what it’s like to live in not only a college sports desert but also a bourbon desert. Finally Leigh and Elle talk about what it’s like to try and date in 2018. We play a great game of Take It or Leave It, of course we can’t cover everything in the description, you’ll just have to listen

Listen to “Episode 118 Queens of the Pod” on Spreaker.


Our guest this week Elle, raided her friend’s refrigerator and came up with several bottles of the alcoholic summer drink Twisted Tea.  If definitely treated her right, she had more than one during the recording.  This is a great beverage if you’re looking for something that’s the totally opposite of beer or cider.  They drink pretty quick too!


Leigh took a break from cider this week and instead went with Greens Gluten Free Tripel Ale.  If you are looking for a gluten free beer that actually tastes like beer check out all of the Greens products.  This one absolutely has everything that you’d expect from a tripel, slightly dark, carmel flavor, with a hint of sweetness and non of the gluten!


A collaboration beer between Two Roads Brewing and Evil Twin Brewing was Carrie’s pick this week.  Their Geyser Gose made with Icelandic Moss, Herbs, Sea Salt and Kale  Carrie still isn’t sure what Icelandic Moss is or what it is supposed to taste like, but it whatever it is, she’s pretty sure it didn’t come through in the beer.  The beer itself was a fine example of a Gose, fairly light and sour with a hint of the salt at the end.  It just didn’t seem like the other ingredients added very much to the overall flavor.  If you like Goses and are curious though pick this one up.  Maybe someone out there who knows what Icelandic Moss is supposed to taste like can tell us and then tell us if they can actually taste it in this beer.

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