What We’re Drinkin’ This Week….

In this episode Lauren is on a summer hiatus, but Leigh and Carrie are holding things down at Fort Lewis studios! They welcome Kristin Ray who runs the FAB podcast and blog that supports Females in Athletic Business. We have a great discussion on all the options that are out there for women who are interested in the sports industry and how FAB is working to support that. The GBS fact of the week is all about a World Cup soccer match you’ve probably never heard of, Carrie talks her way around her upcoming appearance on a very popular cooking show and of course we play Take It or Leave It. If you want the number to the Hall and Oates emergency hotline you’re just gonna hafta listen.

Listen to “Episode 116 GBS Gets FAB” on Spreaker.


Carrie’s beer this week comes from Lost Coast Brewery in California.  Thier, Great White was purchased on label and name alone, but turned out to be a pretty good summer beer.  At only 4.8% this is a back porch day drinker you could easily have more than one of.  It’s pretty light in flavor and went down very quickly over the course of the show.  Interestingly it was brewed by a female brewer (Barbara), which made us like it even more.  The label (although not pictured here) states that the beer should have flavors of coriander and spice, although Carrie didn’t get either.  We still recommend adding this your cooler though, especially if you like beer that drinks quickly.


Leigh had an interesting pick this week from the Fort Lewis beer fridge.  Maeloc’s Sidra Pera, a pear cider from Spain.  Leigh definitely had never had this brand before and thought the cider was good.  At only 4.4% and not too sweet it’s absolutely a must buy if you are looking for something different.  And while the cider was tasty, the biggest reason to make this purchase is for the bottle cap.  It’s a great design and as you can see in the above picture, it has a built in bottle opener, which also makes the cap fit back on the bottle very nicely.  It’s almost like the fidget spinners of bottle caps, highly recommend!

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