What We’re Drinkin’ This Week…..

In this jam packed episode Stacey comes out of hibernation to join us in the fourth chair and in the 5th chair we welcome guest Tim Estes from WPBK FM in Standford Kentucky. We learn what tradio is, talk Standford Cow Bell Days, discuss whether or not we would use a credit card at a garage sale and give a toast to 7 RIPs. The GBS fact of the week becomes story time with the most incredible game you’ve never heard of, and we’ve got promposals, Gronk’s horse, royal babies and two of the best shows on tv in Take It or Leave It. As always you’re just gonna hafta listen to get all our hot takes.

Listen to “Episode 109 I’m on Promposal Tradio” on Spreaker.


Lauren was kind enough this week to let us take the sharin’ beer out of the Stanley Manor Studios beer stash.  Evil Twin’s Big Ass Money Stout is to quote Lauren “danger in a can”  This and Imperial Stout that at 17.4% you would think would knock you on your ass.  That’s where the danger comes in, it’s very smooth, lots of chocolate, and absolutely not over the top boozy.  If we hadn’t split it, it may have been a different story, but even putting it in tiny glasses didn’t stop it from disappearing from the table quickly.  It is a bit expensive at $10 a can, but if you like Imperial Stouts and want something that is a really high ABV that tastes amazing it’s worth dropping the saw buck on.




We gave our guest this week Tim Estes his pick from the beer fridge and he went with something that he knew.  Yuengling’s Black & Tan.  From a previous show, you may know that we aren’t huge fans of this Yuengling, but as someone who isn’t super into beer Tim found it very approachable and drinkable.  We always encourage people to drink what ya want!



After last week’s  14% wine in a can, Leigh scaled back her ABV this week to a new to her anyway, Ciderboys pick.  Their Raspberry Smash is actual a seasonal cider that’s usually only available in the spring March 1st-May 31st. Leigh is a huge fan on Ciderboys and once again this one didn’t disappoint.  Not too sweet with a nice balance of raspberry highly recommend picking this one up while supplies last.



Hearing that the weather was finally taking a spring turn and possibly staying there, Stacey came out of hibernation and brought Lagunitas Sumpin’ Easy Ale with her, in the can of course.  This beer delivered what it promised, it’s a bit fruity, a bit hoppy and very refreshing.  Just put this one on the patio beer cooler list, but make sure it’s in the can.



Lauren hopped (pun intended) back on the IPA train this week with Sierra Nevada’s Hazy Little Thing IPA.  This IPA is again one that we would recommend because it’s got a lot of flavor without being overpoweringly hoppy.  It’s wasn’t super bitter and was well balanced alternating between citrus on the front end and hops on the back end.  The haziness also helped mellow it out.  Like IPAs? Pick this one up….Trying to get on the IPA train?  Pick this one up.



After last week’s late April snow, Carrie finally decided to jump on the summer beer wagon to try and finally get rid of winter around here.  First up, Deschutes Twilight Summer Ale.  This limited release is a classic summer ale, light and refreshing.  Not a ton of flavor, but this is absolutely a beer that is designed for summer drinking, sitting on the back porch and having more than one.  We would suggest drinking this one super cold for maximum refreshment.



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