What We’re Drinkin’ This Week…


From Left to Right..American Pale Ale, Peach Saison, Funky Sour and Blueberry Mead.

Since our guest Chris Paumi brought us some of his fine home brew beer we don’t have a review on the site of what we drank.  You’ll just have to check out this week’s episode to hear all about his brew.

Lauren and Carrie are holding down the GBS Fort in this episode. Stacey aka the Brunch Phoenix flew to close to the sun on the wings of bottomless Bloody Marys and took Leigh down with her. That’s OK though cause friend of the show, professional chemist and prolific brewer Chris Paumi joins us for a repeat guest appearance. We talk the Cincinnati craft brew scene, Chris talks about his trip to New Zealand and what’s going on with the craft brewing all the way around the world. We also talk a little tennis, Kentucky basketball’s win over WVU and the Super game which shall not be named and of course play Take It or Leave It. Chris brought us a lot of home brew for this one, so give a listen!

Listen to “Episode 96 Send Us to New Zealand” on Spreaker.

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