What We’re Drinkin’ This Week…

In this episode Stacey returns from her nomadic brunch adventures. Carrie gives a run down of her trip to New Orleans, including why flying sucks, airport porta potties, mary jane on bourbon street, why you should read A Confederacy of Dunces and being one star people dining in a 5 star establishment. We also talk some tennis and the Australian Open, discuss the Winter Olympic team fashion and play a new round of take it or leave it. Be a brunch phoenix and give a listen.

Listen to “Episode 95 Return of the Brunch Phoenix” on Spreaker.



The sharin’ beer this week comes from Sam Adams.  Their Dark Depths Baltic IPA is a small batch special release beer, that if you can still find, we highly recommend picking up.  It’s a dark beer that works really well.  It combines the best of a dark beer with roasty and malty flavors with the best of the citrus of an IPA.  The balance works very well, the dark flavors definitely help balance out the hoppy citrus of the IPA and takes away some of the bitterness.  Stacey, Carrie and Lauren all liked this one, again if you can find it definitely pick it up.


Leigh’s pick this week comes from Blake’s Hard Cider.  The El Chavo is an interesting cider, we love Country Boy’s Nacho Bait (blonde with Habanero) so we were excited that Leigh finally got a cider with some heat.  Again this is an interesting cider, it’s has less of a traditional cider flavor and more of a mango/heat forward flavor.  If you are interested in beers/ciders with heat and haven’t tried this one yet, definitely recommend.


Stacey hasn’t been on the show in several, several weeks and she needs to restock her beer fridge and quit raiding Lauren’s.  Her pick this week comes from Lauren’s beer fridge, Fall’s City Pale Ale.  Lauren had Fall’s City Lamplighter a few shows ago and even though the Pale Ale is a different style it didn’t disappoint.  Of course Stacey liked it even more because it was in the can.  If you are looking for a solid pale ale that’s Kentucky proud, check this one out.


Lauren’s pick this week comes from Magic Hat.  Their Circus Boy is a Hefeweizen (not Half Bison) that has all of the citrus slightly creamy flavor of a Heffe that you want.  It’s unfiltered with a nice haze and decent wheat flavor.  If you like the Heffe style and you haven’t had Magic Hat, pick this one up.


Carrie’s pick this week comes from Deschute’s Brewery.  Deschutes makes some great beer in many different styles.  In fact we highly recommend their Fresh Squeezed IPA.  Thier Black Butte Porter is no exception to their family of excellent beers.  Not too thick with some subtle roasty flavors, it’s very drinkable and very accessible to porter and non-porter fans alike.  If you like an easy drinking porter pick this one up, even if you are hesitant of porters this would be a good one to try, it may change your mind.

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