What We’re Drinkin This Week….

It’s 2018 and on this week’s episode we are talking new year, new you. We welcome Erin Short from The Bliss Between. We talk why we should practice intentions instead of resolutions, how we can maintain happiness in the new year and incorporate mindfulness into our daily routines. We also discuss yoga and where to start. Then we switch gears and talk about our worst hangovers. Leigh and Carrie rail about the PAC-12 and their Refs inability to call games, plus we introduce a brand new segment called Take it or Leave it. Start your year off right!

Listen to “Episode 92 PAC of SUC” on Spreaker.



Carrie and Lauren shared a beer this week, that from the label seemed like it was going to be a gimmicky, artificially flavored, overly sweet beer.  The Blueberry Maple Stout from Saugatuck Brewing Company was none of these things and was actually a very pleasant surprise.  Typically this type of beer can have chemically tasting blueberry flavor and be overly sweet.  This blueberry maple stout, however, was a great balance of a chocolate stout, real blueberry flavor and a hint of sweetness.  Both Lauren and Carrie agreed that they could have definitely had another one.  Absolutely a great winter beer, don’t let the label fool you, we highly recommend this one.



Leigh brought her own drink to the table this week with her Dreamscile creation.  This is a frozen rum drink, perfect for parties, tailgates, day drinking or any other time you want a mixed drink that will definitely sneak up on you.


Our guest this week, Erin Short from The Bliss Between tried Strongbow’s Gold Apple.  Normally not a cider fan, Erin was a bit hesitant with this one at first, but actually ended up liking it.  Normally she doesn’t like cider because of the sweetness, but was really happy with the fact that Strongbow’s Gold Apple wasn’t overly sweet and also a bit dry.  Strongbow is always a solid go to for cider, but the Gold Apple in particular is probably one of their best.


Lauren’s pick this week comes from New Belgium Brewing, their 1554 Black Lager.  This is an interesting beer that revives a recipe from 1554, thus the name.  This pours dark and has a nice malty flavor, but because it’s a lager isn’t heavy or thick like a stout would be.  A low ABV also makes this a sure I’ll have another beer.  If you want to drink a darker beer during these winter months, but don’t like the heaviness of a porter or a stout this is a great compromise that will give that dark beer feel.


Carrie keeps riding the dark beer train into January with Deschutes Obsidian Stout.  This is pretty straight forward stout.  Fitting with the name, this beer is very dark in color with all the qualities that you want in a stout.  Malty and with a slightly chocolate finish.  Add this to your winter beer catalog especially if you like stouts.



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