What We’re Drinkin’ This Week….

Episode 90 is LIT! It’s our first crossover episode from the Fort Lewis Podcast Productions family of podcasts with Shawn from Bourbon and Bad Opinions joining is in the fourth chair. We talk about the merits of Raf, Transylvania University’s new bat mascot, pick the other side of Christmas bracket and dive into GBS Bowl Mania pick’ems. We also drink some seriously high gravity beer and things get a little crazy. How crazy? Yeah you’ll just have to listen.

Listen to “Episode 90 Girls, Beer and Bad Opinions” on Spreaker.


The sharin’ beer this week is a good one from Stone Brewing.  This is a great seasonal beer from them, even Shawn who doesn’t really drink beer liked it.  It’s inspired by Mexican Hot Chocolate, which, if you’ve never had it do yourself a favor and find some.  You could definitely taste where the inspiration for this beer came from.  It has a really great balance of chocolate, vanilla and spice.  Highly recommend picking this up if you see it anywhere.


Leigh got on the high gravity train this week with New Day’s special barrel aged release of Johnny Chapman.  Leigh has had the original Johnny Chapman on the show before and really liked it.  In fact we can’t say enough about all the products New Day makes, especially the Magpie Breakfast, a must try by them.  Unlike the original Johnny Champman this is made with molasses and aged in bourbon barrels, thus making it clock in at 12%.  The flavor of this is interesting, due to the fact that there is a distinct molasses taste to it, but it isn’t overly sweet.  Leigh could also definitely taste the bourbon.  At 12% you may want to share this one, although Leigh did drink the whole thing by herself, you’ll have to listen the episode to see how that played out.


Bourbon and Bad Opinions (podcast) co-host Shawn sat in the fourth chair this week and even though he isn’t a big beer drinker he did get into the spirit of the show with Against the Grain’s Sho Nuff golden ale.  We’ve had Against the Grain products in the past, they make great beer and we can’t say enough about their fabulous can art.  At 4.9% this isn’t a heavy hitter, but if you’re already missing summer this would be the beer to drink in front of the fire while you pretend it’s 90 degrees out.  You can absolutely have more than one, so treat yo self with sho nuff.


Lauren brought the high gravity thunder this week with her choice of Avery brewing’s the Nuttiest Professor.  She didn’t go the Leigh route and drink this one by herself, at 15% she never would have made it through the show.  This is from Avery’s barrel aged series, a barrel aged imperial peanut stout, it didn’t deliver on peanutiness as much as it did on booziness.  In fact when first poured it was pretty thick, not a ton of peanut flavor on this one, but you will definitely taste the bourbon.  As with a lot of barrel aged beers this one didn’t quite deliver what it promised in terms of balance and overall flavor.  Even at half the bottle though, the 15% treated Lauren right, again you’ll just have to listen to see how that turned out.


Buying strictly on name only, Carrie ended up with Left Hand Brewing’s Wake Up Dead Nitro Russian Imperial Stout.  We really like Left Hand Brewing’s Milk Stout, but this one was a little disappointing.  Not sure if it was the nitro or what, but it was almost to smooth for a Russian Imperial Stout.  There just wasn’t the flavor that you would get with this style of beer.  When you drink a Russian Stout you want a nice dark beer that has caramel and roasted malt notes, which just didn’t come through in this one.  Maybe drinking it at room temperature instead of cold may help bring out that flavor.  Might be worth picking up if you want a darker beer without the thickness of a typical Russian Imperial Stout.

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