What We’re Drinkin’ This Week….

Episode 86  I’m not even sure I can do justice to this episode with a description. Stacey is back from the Olive Garden (yeah she went to Italy). We find out what happens when you mishear a beer description, did you know that UK has a hockey team? Well they do and their Head Coach Tim Pergram is sitting in the 5th chair this week. He talks all about UK and college hockey. You just have to listen to this episode because we learned a ton from him and we guarantee you will too!

Listen to “Episode 86 Hockey & Half Bison” on Spreaker.


Our guest this week, Head University of Kentucky Men’s Hockey Coach Tim Pergram had to go to practice right after we recorded so he brought his favorite non-alcoholic beverage, Diet Coke with Lime.  He said that he keeps one on the bench with him at every game.  The GBS CFO is a huge fan of Diet Cherry Coke, we’ll have to give the lime a try.

download (1).jpg

The first sharin’ beer this week is from Bell’s Brewery.  Hell Hath No Fury is a Belgian Inspired Dark Ale that has both characteristics of a porter and a tripel.  It did have some chocolate notes and Stacey and Lauren both liked it.  They both thought it was well-balanced, not too sweet or too boozy, which is something you may find with this style.  Carrie, however, wasn’t a fan.  She felt it was actually to bitter and didn’t have enough chocolate.  Two out of three recommend this one, so if you are all in on the winter beers it would probably be worth checking out.


Leigh tried another Green’s product this week, their Quest gluten-free tripel ale.  Once again Green’s has put out an excellent product.  Even though this is Gluten free it tastes like a tripel should.  Malty, sweet and not too boozy, although this was 6% it didn’t taste like it.  If you’ve ever been curious about gluten free beers we can’t recommend Green’s enough and if you’re gluten free, Yes! you can drink beer that tastes like beer again.



The Trader Joe’s Sour Framboise came in such a big bottle that Lauren and Stacey both split it as their second sharin’ beer, they both were able to get full pint glasses out of this bottle with some left over.  This is a classic fruit beer so if that’s your thing it’s worth a try.  Lauren and Stacey both liked that it wasn’t overly syrupy or sweet (which some Framboise style beers can be).  For being a Trader Joe’s product it’s definitely a recommend.  So pick this up in addition to the two buck chuck next time you are at a Trader Joe’s.



It’s officially winter in Carrie’s world so this week she picked up New Holland Brewing’s Cabin Fever.  Cabin Fever is pretty much a standard Brown Ale.  It had a lot of flavor, and some subtle sweet and nutty notes, which is what you want in this style of beer.  This would be a great snow day drinking beer or a great fire pit/place beer especially now that it’s getting dark at 5:30pm, here anyway.  Highly recommend picking up a six-pack of these for those cold dark evenings that are here to stay for the next 5 months.

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