What We’re Drinkin’ This Week…..

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No guests in this episode, just the original four GBS co-hosts. Carrie, Leigh, Lauren and Stacey breaking it all down Carrie introduces her alias Linda, Lauren and Stacey talk mayo nanners, we figure out a way to make even more money on Black Friday with greeting cards and a movie, Stacey talks some tennis, Carrie gives a PSA about tailgate common courtesy 101, we talk the insanity that almost broke twitter with Schiano and Tennessee and we make our CFB Championship Week picks. There is way more in this episode than this description, but your just gonna hafta listen.

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The sharin’ beer this week comes from local Lexington Brewery West Sixth.  The Transylvania Tripel is a tribute to Transylvania University, the oldest University west of the Allegheny Mountains located in downtown Lexington Kentucky.  The beer wasn’t what we expect from a Tripel.  It didn’t have the amber color or sweetness of a what we would expect out of a tripel style beer.  It wasn’t overly boozy and it was drinkable, it just didn’t evoke the tripel style like we thought we would.  If boozy, sweet tripel’s aren’t your thing but you’re looking for a higher gravity beer with a lighter feel then pick this one up.


Leigh got on the beer train again this week with Omission’s gluten free Pale Ale.  She’s had Omission before, but the pale ale was a new style.  The beer which is about 5% was drinkable, it didn’t have the molasses sweetness that many gluten free beers have.  While it was drinkable, it still wasn’t as good as Lemon’s Mill Brewing’s OCD2 gluten free beer, which is probably the best gluten free beer we’ve ever had.  However, if you’re in the market for a decent gluten free beer and can’t find Lemon’s Mill definitely pick this offering from Ommission up.


Stacey’s beer this week comes courtesy of Carrie and of course it had to be in the can.  Oskar Blues Brewing’s Hotbox Coffee Porter is a super drinkable coffee porter, which was purchased strictly on name only.  Oskar Blues makes many fine beer products and this was no exception.  If you into this style of beer put it on your list.


Lauren’s pick this week comes from Madtree Brewing just up the road from us in Cincinnati.  Madtree makes some great beers Psychopathy and Shade just to name a few.  This was a good beer, but Lauren thought it was pretty standard.  She didn’t get a lot of vanilla or cranberry from it.  If you are looking something to drink at future holiday family gatherings then pick a six pack of this up, you can definitely drink more than one.


Carrie’s tour of winter beers continues this week with New Holland’s Night Tripper Imperial Stout.  This is a really nice beer, for an imperial stout it’s incredibly smooth with hints of chocolate and it’s not too sweet or boozy.  This is one imperial stout that you can absolutely have more than one of, which may make you a night stumbler.

What We’re Drinkin’ This Week….

In this episode long time distinguished, award winning sports writer and UK journalist Larry Vaught joins us. In a bizzaro twist he takes Leigh’s place while Stacey still occupies the 4th chair. We recap Carrie and Leigh’s adventure at the UK Hockey game, find out what it takes to become a Kentucky Colonel, find out where Larry thinks sports journalism is going in the future, Lauren has a real problem with the fact that Carrie’s friend Seth called her out on an ad read, we do the last regular College Football Pick’em of the season and more!

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No Leigh this week, but our guest Larry Vaught did kind of drink an ode to her with some gluten free ice water……..


The Sharin’  beer this week is one that we’ve heard alot about from various friends New Holland Brewing’s Dragon’s Milk Bourbon Barrel Stout.  This is a well balanced bourbon barrel stout, not too boozy with a nice flavor of vanilla and chocolate.  Lauren got more vanilla from this one than either Stacey or Carrie, but we all agreed that this is a great beer for this time of year and into the rest of the winter.  Light a fire and pop open a bottle of Dragon’s Milk, it will get you through the darkness that settles in at  5:30pm this time of year.



Lauren and Stacey doubled up on the sharin’ beer this week by splitting a bottle of Trader Joe’s Sour Blueberry Petrus.  The had the Trader Joe’s Frambose last week and really liked it.  This other offering from Trader Joe’s didn’t disappoint.  The color was definitely purple, to the point that it looked like it tasted purple.  Both Lauren and Stacey liked this beer, for both it’s fruitiness and it’s sourness.  Stacey felt like this would be a good beer for someone who maybe doesn’t like sours or someone who is looking to get into sours.  Lauren thought that the fruitness was a good seller for anyone who likes or is looking for a fruit beer.  So,  add this and the Frambose to your cart next time you’re in Trader Joe’s liquor store.


Normally Carrie doesn’t like to double up on dark beers, but she’s all in on the winter beers and also this beer was a great segue into one of our ad reads.  Great Lakes Brewing’s Blackout Stout is a Russian imperial stout that is a tribute to a power outage in 2003, but could also mean what’s going to happen if you have more than 2 of these.  At 9% it will warm you up on a cold winter night.  If you like Russian imperial stout’s definitely pick this one up.  If you are new to this style of beer it’s a good one to start with.  Don’t let it’s darkness turn you off.  It’s very drinkable, it’s got a nice molasses flavor that you want with an imperial stout and really is designed for sipping, let it warm up to let the flavor really come out.  Between this and the Dragon’s Milk you might not wake up until spring.



What We’re Drinkin’ This Week….

Episode 86  I’m not even sure I can do justice to this episode with a description. Stacey is back from the Olive Garden (yeah she went to Italy). We find out what happens when you mishear a beer description, did you know that UK has a hockey team? Well they do and their Head Coach Tim Pergram is sitting in the 5th chair this week. He talks all about UK and college hockey. You just have to listen to this episode because we learned a ton from him and we guarantee you will too!

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Our guest this week, Head University of Kentucky Men’s Hockey Coach Tim Pergram had to go to practice right after we recorded so he brought his favorite non-alcoholic beverage, Diet Coke with Lime.  He said that he keeps one on the bench with him at every game.  The GBS CFO is a huge fan of Diet Cherry Coke, we’ll have to give the lime a try.

download (1).jpg

The first sharin’ beer this week is from Bell’s Brewery.  Hell Hath No Fury is a Belgian Inspired Dark Ale that has both characteristics of a porter and a tripel.  It did have some chocolate notes and Stacey and Lauren both liked it.  They both thought it was well-balanced, not too sweet or too boozy, which is something you may find with this style.  Carrie, however, wasn’t a fan.  She felt it was actually to bitter and didn’t have enough chocolate.  Two out of three recommend this one, so if you are all in on the winter beers it would probably be worth checking out.


Leigh tried another Green’s product this week, their Quest gluten-free tripel ale.  Once again Green’s has put out an excellent product.  Even though this is Gluten free it tastes like a tripel should.  Malty, sweet and not too boozy, although this was 6% it didn’t taste like it.  If you’ve ever been curious about gluten free beers we can’t recommend Green’s enough and if you’re gluten free, Yes! you can drink beer that tastes like beer again.



The Trader Joe’s Sour Framboise came in such a big bottle that Lauren and Stacey both split it as their second sharin’ beer, they both were able to get full pint glasses out of this bottle with some left over.  This is a classic fruit beer so if that’s your thing it’s worth a try.  Lauren and Stacey both liked that it wasn’t overly syrupy or sweet (which some Framboise style beers can be).  For being a Trader Joe’s product it’s definitely a recommend.  So pick this up in addition to the two buck chuck next time you are at a Trader Joe’s.



It’s officially winter in Carrie’s world so this week she picked up New Holland Brewing’s Cabin Fever.  Cabin Fever is pretty much a standard Brown Ale.  It had a lot of flavor, and some subtle sweet and nutty notes, which is what you want in this style of beer.  This would be a great snow day drinking beer or a great fire pit/place beer especially now that it’s getting dark at 5:30pm, here anyway.  Highly recommend picking up a six-pack of these for those cold dark evenings that are here to stay for the next 5 months.

What We’re Drinkin’ This Week…..

Episode 85 with Wine & Pop-Tarts. We talk about their upcoming fundraiser for Toys for Tots on December 2nd at Al’s Bar. We discuss what happened to Trick or Treating, Carrie talks Guns n Roses, we fall down the GBS fact hole and find out what the hell the World Cup of Vocational Skills is, Carrie floats her conspiracy theory as to why the Houston Astros really won the World Series, Week 11 college football pick’em and more! Once again we don’t even get to sports until like 30 minutes into this one. #wedowhatwewant #WBLZ #12ozSportsRadio

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The Sharin’ Beer and the guest beer are kind of a combination this week.  Bret from Wine & Pop-Tarts was “kind” enough to bring us a six-pack of Zima.  Carrie didn’t have a sharin’ beer picked out so when she heard this she immediately decided that her and Lauren were going to be sharing some Zima.  We did have Zima on a previous show, but we never turn down free drinks, even if they do come in the form of a clearmalt beverage.  We didn’t have a jolly rancher with them this time, however, surprisingly or maybe not, this did not change our review of this particular beverage.  Bret thought it was “refreshing”!  Lauren and Carrie did finish their glasses, that’s all we are going to really say about Zima, other than the fact that they should call either us or Wine & Pop-Tarts because we’d love to discuss a sponsorship deal.


Leigh got back on the New Day Brewing train this week with ReThinker.  We’ve probably had three or four New Day products on the show in the last couple of months and have enjoyed them all.  The ReThinker is a Blueberry Honey Mead with Hops added.  Leigh was not completely on board with this one after the first few sips.  Since she really can’t drink beer any more so the hops threw her for a little bit of a loop.  There was a nice fruity sweetness to this one, but there was just a slight bitter finish from the hops.  The little bitterness from the hops came through more for Leigh and gave the ReThinker a bit of an odd taste.  As the show went on, however, the mead opened up and the hops taste lessened a bit.  We definitely recommend picking this one up, especially if you are looking for something that has a good balance of a little bitterness of hops to cut through the sweetness of fruit.


Lauren’s pick this week comes from Lazy Magnolia Brewing in Mississippi.  Lauren had another beer from Lazy Magnolia on a previous show (their sweet potato offering).  Depending on how you pronounce it Pecan or Pecan (if you want to know how Lauren pronounces it you’ll just have to listen to the show) Lazy Magnolia’s Southern Pecan is a great nut-brown ale.  Lauren didn’t get a lot of pecan flavor from this one, but it did have a nice subtle sweetness to it, which is what you want in a brown ale.  This is a great beer for this time of year, and would go great with the upcoming holiday feast and we don’t mean Christmas, the one before that.


Carrie’s pick this week comes from Avery Brewing.  Avery Brewing makes a lot of great beer, their Dictator Series was a big hit with Carrie.  The Reverend is a Belgian Style Quadrupel Ale.  The can art is what really drew Carrie to this beer though (very reminiscent of the comic book Preacher).  The beer itself is a really good Quad style beer.  Often times this kind of beer comes out too boozy, but The Rev had a nice balance of sweet to not so much booziness, which again is exactly what you want in this style of beer.  Quad Ales are great for this time of year, if you like this style you will probably like this one.  If you haven’t had this style of beer or have had it and didn’t like it, we would encourage you to give The Reverend a try, remember it’s “Not Just for Sundays”.