What We’re Drinkin’ This Week..

We welcome Scott Lykins from Goodwood Brewing to talk all about their beer. Stacey is back in the 4th chair and has a strong opinion on daylight savings time. We fall down the fact hole about the most divisive Halloween candy ever, Leigh almost gets in a bar fight, Carrie gets out of jury duty and oh yeah we talk sports stuff too!

Listen to “Episode 84 Goodwood..put it in your mouth and we mean the beer” on Spreaker.


We drank all the Goodwood beer this week…well everyone except for Leigh.


Unfortunately Goodwood doesn’t make a gluten free product, but Leigh decided to get on the beer train this week anyway with Green’s dubbel ale.  Green’s makes some really great gluten free beers that actually taste like beer and this one is no exception.  This beer definitely tastes like a dubbel ale, and is a really great style to drink this time of year.  Dark, fruity and slightly sweet, pick this one up, especially if you’re gluten free and miss the taste of actual beer.


Our guest Scott went with Goodwood’s Louisville Lager.  Aged on white ash and at only 4.2% this is a great “gateway” to craft beer.  A classic lager that’s perfect for those looking for a lighter beer that actually has flavor and that you can drink more than one of.


Stacey’s Goodwood choice was right in her wheelhouse.  The Red Wine Barrel Saison is a very drinkable saison, that picks up the hints of red wine without being too boozy.  Not too sour, if you like saisons this is a must try.  If saisons aren’t your thing this is also a must try, it might not change your opinion of the style, but you will like this one.


Lauren picked Goodwood’s Bourbon Barrel Ale.  This is a pretty classic bourbon barrel ale, but at only 6% it’s very drinkable without being super boozy.  Lauren and high gravity beers normally don’t get along to well, but she felt like this particular bourbon barrel ale was not going to steer her wrong and by the end of the show she was correct.  There are a lot of breweries out there doing bourbon barrel aged beers, and many times they don’t get them right.  Goodwood’s Bourbon Barrel Ale is the perfect pick for those people either looking to try one for the first time or for those who have been put off of this style by crappy beers.


Carrie also went the bourbon barrel route this week with Goodwood’s Bourbon  Barrel Stout.  It’s starting to be the perfect weather for stouts and this beer did not disappoint.  Very smooth with flavors of chocolate and vanilla, this was a really, really, really great bourbon barrel stout.  Again, much like the ale it’s not a high percentage so it’s not going to “blow your head off”, but it’s got a lot of flavor.  Definitely worth picking up as the weather turns colder and the days turn shorter.


We actually did have a sharin’ beer this week.  Scott was kind enough to bring us some tequila barrel aged gose.  This is only available in the tap-room at Goodwood and Scott actually brought it to the recording session in a container that is used for yeast, so we don’t have a picture.  The beer itself, however, was really tasty and we highly recommend you check it and Goodwood’s taproom out next time you’re in Louisville. And of course make sure you look for all of Goodwood’s product in a store near you.


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