What We’re Drinkin’ This Week….

We loved recording at Mirror Twin so much that we took it on the road again, recording live at the UK tailgate this past Saturday. We have a guest sitting in the fourth chair with us and we talk tailgating stories, homecoming, do an RIP Jell-O shot, give our week 7 college football pick’em and more! We’re bringing the party to you! #WBLZ #wedowhatwant #GBSpodcast #WeveGotBallz

Listen to “Episode 81 Live from Commonwealth Stadium it’s GBS!” on Spreaker.

State of the art tailgate podcast studio.  The CFO broke the bank on this one.

We did have a sharin’ beer this week and it was definitely an interesting one…


Rhinegeist’s Penguin is a special release Blonde Stout.  It delivers what it promises.  It pours a blonde color, but it has the distinct coffee/coco flavors of a stout.  It’s like those foods that look like one thing, but taste like something else.  If you like the flavors of a stout, without the heaviness of a dark beer pick this one up or if you’ve never been a stout person because of the heaviness this is the beer for you. We would also recommend picking it up to fool your friends, don’t tell them what they’re drinking and see how they react, guaranteed their minds will be blown.

Carrie, Lauren, Leigh and guest Mike recording in the state of the art outdoor studio.


Carrie really likes MadTree Brewing’s Psychopathy a great IPA out of the Cincinnati brewery, so she was very excited to find that they are now making a Blood Orange version.  The art work on this can is really great and the quote on the can is interesting to say the least (if you want to know more about the quote, you’ll have to listen to the episode).  The beer itself was good, especially if you like a fuller, heavier IPA.  Unfortunately the blood orange just didn’t stand up to the beer.  Blood Orange tends to be a more subtle flavor and just does not to come through in a stronger IPA.  Again this is a good IPA with some great can art, but if you’re looking for blood orange flavor, find Dark Horse Brewing’s Rain in Blood.




We welcomed Mike to the fourth chair this week.  Race car driver Matt recommended him and he did a great job.  He did bring a beer, but more importantly he brought jello shots!  The beer he picked up was an offering by local Lexington brewery West Sixth.  Their Imperial Oatmeal Stout Aged in Kentucky Bourbon Barrels is a limited release beer in collaboration with Liquor barn.  Mike doesn’t live in the area (in fact we found out that he drives from Washington DC for every home game) so he was really excited to find this at liquor barn.  He really enjoyed it, saying it was the perfect blend of bourbon and oatmeal stout and even at 10% wasn’t too boozy.  If you are in the area and can find this at a liquor barn pick it up, you might want to wait to drink it until it’s not 80 degrees out though.


Carrie is obviously making an important point here that only Lauren is interested in.


Leigh liked the Ace Pumpkin Cider that we shared with the KYTastebuds a couple of weeks ago so much that she wanted to drink a whole one by herself to see if it stood up.  She was very happy that it did, she was ready to have a couple more after the show was over.  Again this is a great cider that has the all of the flavor of apple pie and none of the pumpkin  and should be a go to once the weather gets cooler, unfortunately it’s still 80 degrees here in Lexington Kentucky.


Lauren went with another beer that goes great with fall weather Bell’s Best Brown Ale.  If you are looking for a beer with a lot of flavor, but that isn’t too dark, pick this one up.  It’s got a nice subtle nutty flavor and is smooth enough that you absolutely could have more than one.  Once the weather finally turns cool (around here anyway) this is a beer you want on hand in front of the fire pit or wearing that sweater at the tailgate.


We loved recording out in the middle of a field and can’t wait to do it again!


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