What We’re Drinkin’ This Week..

We welcome Scott Lykins from Goodwood Brewing to talk all about their beer. Stacey is back in the 4th chair and has a strong opinion on daylight savings time. We fall down the fact hole about the most divisive Halloween candy ever, Leigh almost gets in a bar fight, Carrie gets out of jury duty and oh yeah we talk sports stuff too!

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We drank all the Goodwood beer this week…well everyone except for Leigh.


Unfortunately Goodwood doesn’t make a gluten free product, but Leigh decided to get on the beer train this week anyway with Green’s dubbel ale.  Green’s makes some really great gluten free beers that actually taste like beer and this one is no exception.  This beer definitely tastes like a dubbel ale, and is a really great style to drink this time of year.  Dark, fruity and slightly sweet, pick this one up, especially if you’re gluten free and miss the taste of actual beer.


Our guest Scott went with Goodwood’s Louisville Lager.  Aged on white ash and at only 4.2% this is a great “gateway” to craft beer.  A classic lager that’s perfect for those looking for a lighter beer that actually has flavor and that you can drink more than one of.


Stacey’s Goodwood choice was right in her wheelhouse.  The Red Wine Barrel Saison is a very drinkable saison, that picks up the hints of red wine without being too boozy.  Not too sour, if you like saisons this is a must try.  If saisons aren’t your thing this is also a must try, it might not change your opinion of the style, but you will like this one.


Lauren picked Goodwood’s Bourbon Barrel Ale.  This is a pretty classic bourbon barrel ale, but at only 6% it’s very drinkable without being super boozy.  Lauren and high gravity beers normally don’t get along to well, but she felt like this particular bourbon barrel ale was not going to steer her wrong and by the end of the show she was correct.  There are a lot of breweries out there doing bourbon barrel aged beers, and many times they don’t get them right.  Goodwood’s Bourbon Barrel Ale is the perfect pick for those people either looking to try one for the first time or for those who have been put off of this style by crappy beers.


Carrie also went the bourbon barrel route this week with Goodwood’s Bourbon  Barrel Stout.  It’s starting to be the perfect weather for stouts and this beer did not disappoint.  Very smooth with flavors of chocolate and vanilla, this was a really, really, really great bourbon barrel stout.  Again, much like the ale it’s not a high percentage so it’s not going to “blow your head off”, but it’s got a lot of flavor.  Definitely worth picking up as the weather turns colder and the days turn shorter.


We actually did have a sharin’ beer this week.  Scott was kind enough to bring us some tequila barrel aged gose.  This is only available in the tap-room at Goodwood and Scott actually brought it to the recording session in a container that is used for yeast, so we don’t have a picture.  The beer itself, however, was really tasty and we highly recommend you check it and Goodwood’s taproom out next time you’re in Louisville. And of course make sure you look for all of Goodwood’s product in a store near you.


What We’re Drinkin’ This Week……

This week Stacey is back in the fourth chair and we are joined by former UK basketball player, radio host and motivational speaker Cameron Mills. We come up with the next fitness crazy Gym Rope, hear about Cameron’s first experience with beer, talk UNC Academic scandal, and of course give our week 9 college football pick’ems. There is just way too much in this episode to cram into a description so you’re just gonna have to listen.

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Our guest this week, Cameron Mills decided to go the non-alcoholic route for his beverage of choice.  We totally support this and was happy that Lauren was able to offer him one of his favorite beverages Ginger Ale.  Not much to say about this one, other than the fact that it’s ginger ale and if you like ginger ale then you’ve definitely had Canada Dry.  The best part of Cameron’s choice was the fact that he told a great story to go along with it.  You’ll just have to listen to the episode to hear it.


Carrie had an interesting choice for this week’s sharin’ beer, especially since Stacey was back on the show.  Braxton brewing Graeter’s Blueberry Pie Brown Ale.  Braxton makes some good beer and their Grater’s black raspberry chip is delicious, unfortunately not everything can be a winner and this beer is just not good.  It’s too sweet and the blueberry flavor is too chemically, even though the label says that it’s made with real blueberries.  If you are interested in trying this or judging for yourself we highly encourage you to buy a single or split a six pack with some people.  This is one beer that would be very difficult to drink a whole one or have more than one.  The one thing that it does have going for it is the fact that the proceeds from sales go to cancer research.


Leigh found a new flavor from Cider Boys this week, Zen Berry.  This cider is supposed to be made with boysenberries, but we aren’t sure what those are supposed to taste like, so we’ll just take the Cider Boys word for it.  This cider definitely delivered what it promised on berry flavor.  Not sure about the Zen, but Leigh thought it was very sweet, to the point where she probably couldn’t have more than one.  If you like Cider Boys products and are interested in trying a new flavor pick this up, nothing super special here, but worth a try.



Stacey was in the fourth chair this week and of course she had to have her beer in the can.  Her pick this week is from MadTree Brewing.  MadTree makes a lot of fine products including Psychopathy, which is an excellent IPA, Lift, however, is a Kölsch style beer.  This is one that would be perfect for the summer or an 80 degree day in October.  Not much to say about this one, except it’s a standard Kolsch and is very drinkable. If you are looking for something lighter or just like a good Kolsch style beer then pick this one up.


Lauren went with more of a seasonal fall pick this week with Lazy Magnolia’s Jeff Stout Sweet Potato Cream Stout.  This is a great beer for that cooler fall weather.  Even though it’s a cream stout it’s not heavy at all and has a nice carmel flavor.  Lauren wasn’t sure how the sweet potatoes played in the beer, but they didn’t negatively affect the flavor.  If you are in the market for a fall beer with a little creaminess, some nice nuttiness and a good carmel flavor pick this one up.



Carrie’s beer this week comes from Zatec brewery in the Czech Republic.  The main reason Carrie picked up this beer was because of the date on the label “since 1004”.  Any brewery that’s been around that long has to know what they’re doing.  This dark lager is perfect for cooler weather and shorter days.  If you want a darker beer for this time of year, but a stout or porter is just to heavy for you look for this beer or the dark lager style.  It combines the richness of a dark beer with the lightness of a lager, which means you could definitely have more than one.  Highly recommend, to drink on those cold rainy late fall days.



What We’re Drinkin’ This Week….


So much beer, so little time.

Episode 82 It’s a Beer Trappe!  We talk craft beer with Kevin Patterson live from The Beer Trappe. If you’re into craft beer or even if you aren’t we guarantee you will learn something about beer on this episode. Leigh goes off on the MLB, we fall down the GBS fact hole about the World Series, Carrie has her say about the USMNT we do our week 8 college pick’em and more!

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Don’t let this label fool you, Carrie’s pick this week, EvilTwin Brewing’s Pink Lemonade IPA is a delicious, refreshing beer that you’ll want to drink year round.  Even if you aren’t a fan of IPA’s we guarantee you will like this beer.  Not too bitter, with just enough grapefruit to give it a little bite, this beer really tastes like pink lemonade, tart, sweet and very refreshing.  There isn’t much more we can say about this one, you’ll just have to try it for yourself.

download (1).jpg

This week’s guest Kevin, went with an on draft offering from The Beer Trappe, Anchorage Brewing’s Galaxy White IPA.  If you are looking for a sour, farmhouse type IPA without the cloudiness that’s typical of those types of beers then definitely check this one out.  It’s got a funky, almost wine like quality to it, again without being overpoweringly sour or too bitter on the back-end.  Kevin defintely recommends this one again even if you aren’t a fan of the genre, we’d listen to Kevin, he is a certified beer guide.


The Beer Trappe offers a couple of gluten-free options in their cooler, which made Leigh very happy since she doesn’t get to drink beer too often when she goes out.  She chose the Green’s amber ale for this week’s show and she wasn’t disappointed.  Green’s has several gluten free variety’s of beer and this one would be great for this time of year (fall).  It tasted like beer and wasn’t overly sweet like many dark gluten free beers can be.  Even if you aren’t gluten free, we would recommend trying this one just because, we’re pretty sure it will change your opinion of gluten free beers.

We’re having too much fun doing remotes!

What We’re Drinkin’ This Week….

We loved recording at Mirror Twin so much that we took it on the road again, recording live at the UK tailgate this past Saturday. We have a guest sitting in the fourth chair with us and we talk tailgating stories, homecoming, do an RIP Jell-O shot, give our week 7 college football pick’em and more! We’re bringing the party to you! #WBLZ #wedowhatwant #GBSpodcast #WeveGotBallz

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State of the art tailgate podcast studio.  The CFO broke the bank on this one.

We did have a sharin’ beer this week and it was definitely an interesting one…


Rhinegeist’s Penguin is a special release Blonde Stout.  It delivers what it promises.  It pours a blonde color, but it has the distinct coffee/coco flavors of a stout.  It’s like those foods that look like one thing, but taste like something else.  If you like the flavors of a stout, without the heaviness of a dark beer pick this one up or if you’ve never been a stout person because of the heaviness this is the beer for you. We would also recommend picking it up to fool your friends, don’t tell them what they’re drinking and see how they react, guaranteed their minds will be blown.

Carrie, Lauren, Leigh and guest Mike recording in the state of the art outdoor studio.


Carrie really likes MadTree Brewing’s Psychopathy a great IPA out of the Cincinnati brewery, so she was very excited to find that they are now making a Blood Orange version.  The art work on this can is really great and the quote on the can is interesting to say the least (if you want to know more about the quote, you’ll have to listen to the episode).  The beer itself was good, especially if you like a fuller, heavier IPA.  Unfortunately the blood orange just didn’t stand up to the beer.  Blood Orange tends to be a more subtle flavor and just does not to come through in a stronger IPA.  Again this is a good IPA with some great can art, but if you’re looking for blood orange flavor, find Dark Horse Brewing’s Rain in Blood.




We welcomed Mike to the fourth chair this week.  Race car driver Matt recommended him and he did a great job.  He did bring a beer, but more importantly he brought jello shots!  The beer he picked up was an offering by local Lexington brewery West Sixth.  Their Imperial Oatmeal Stout Aged in Kentucky Bourbon Barrels is a limited release beer in collaboration with Liquor barn.  Mike doesn’t live in the area (in fact we found out that he drives from Washington DC for every home game) so he was really excited to find this at liquor barn.  He really enjoyed it, saying it was the perfect blend of bourbon and oatmeal stout and even at 10% wasn’t too boozy.  If you are in the area and can find this at a liquor barn pick it up, you might want to wait to drink it until it’s not 80 degrees out though.


Carrie is obviously making an important point here that only Lauren is interested in.


Leigh liked the Ace Pumpkin Cider that we shared with the KYTastebuds a couple of weeks ago so much that she wanted to drink a whole one by herself to see if it stood up.  She was very happy that it did, she was ready to have a couple more after the show was over.  Again this is a great cider that has the all of the flavor of apple pie and none of the pumpkin  and should be a go to once the weather gets cooler, unfortunately it’s still 80 degrees here in Lexington Kentucky.


Lauren went with another beer that goes great with fall weather Bell’s Best Brown Ale.  If you are looking for a beer with a lot of flavor, but that isn’t too dark, pick this one up.  It’s got a nice subtle nutty flavor and is smooth enough that you absolutely could have more than one.  Once the weather finally turns cool (around here anyway) this is a beer you want on hand in front of the fire pit or wearing that sweater at the tailgate.


We loved recording out in the middle of a field and can’t wait to do it again!


What We’re Drinkin’ This Week….



In this episode we have our first ever live taping from Mirror Twin Brewing Co here in Lexington Kentucky in honor of their one year anniversary on Sept.30th. Head brewer and co-owner Derek joins us to talk all things beer and how the first year for Mirror Twin has gone. We also talk about Playboy, the NCAA scandal/disaster and whether college players should be played and of course we have our week 6 College Football Pick’em.

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Mirror Twin’s Big Board

This week was all about Mirror Twin and their amazing selection of beers.  With so many to choose from we guarantee you will find something you like or even something new.   We can’t say enough about their beer or the fact that they have some of the best pizza in Lexington courtesy of Rolling Oven, which is set up inside the brewery.  Nothing goes better together than pizza and beer and you certainly can’t go wrong with Mirror Twin and Rolling Oven.

In terms of what we drank on the show this week….


Leigh was watching the Browns/Bengals game for some reason. 

(Note: The Stanley Cup cup was there, just didn’t make the picture)  Although Mirror Twin doesn’t currently make their own cider, they also have one on rotating draft for those that can’t drink beer or just aren’t beer drinkers.  This week’s offering was Bubbles from Rhubegeist.  Leigh chose to have it in the can, although it was available on draft as well.  This a really good classic popular cider that Leigh has had in the past.  It’s not too sweet and paired really good with the gluten-free pizza that she had (the pizza isn’t pictured, but Rolling Oven does offer that option).

Carrie went with the Don’t Haze Me Bro, which is a hazey IPA, but turns out is also a New England style IPA, which has become more and more popular.  You’ll have to listen to the episode to hear what Derek has to say about making this style of beer, particularly how no two batches have been alike.  As for the beer itself, it’s has a slightly creamy mouth feel with just a touch of bitterness on the back-end.  Carrie isn’t a huge fan of cloudy beers, but this one was really good, so good in fact she had to get the CFO to get her another one during taping.

Lauren went an Autumn Amber called House of Mirrors, which is a collaboration with Rock House Brewing (check out our episode Rock House not Rolling Rock with Kindsey Bernhard for more info on this Lexington Brewery).  This is a great fall beer with a low percentage of only 4.9%.  Browns or Ambers tend to be great fall beers because they give you just enough flavor for the cool weather without being too heavy.


Darrin and Derek make a great product!

We can’t say enough about Mirror Twin and Rolling Oven pizza.  We had a blast doing our first live taping from their tap-room.  We can’t say enough about the great beer they produce and their kid/dog friendly environment.  If you live in Lexington and haven’t been there yet, stop reading this and go right now.  If you live outside of Lexington make sure you put Mirror Twin on your list of must stop places when/if you ever visit, tell ’em Girls, Beer, Sports sent ya!