What We’re Drinkin’ This Week…..

We welcome back Tamara and Leigh of the Kentucky TasteBuds as our first repeat guests! On this Kentucky themed episode We talk tailgate must haves, tailgate dos and don’ts, football game day fashion, week five College Football pick’em and more! Stacey also joins us this week for some pumpkin cider and tennis, not necessarily in that order.

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This week’s sharin’ beer is actually a cider and not just any cider a Pumpkin Cider from Ace.  Ace has a lot of great cider offerings and when Carrie saw this at Liquor Barn there was no way she was going to pass it up.  Leigh never gets to be a part of the pumpkin beer awfulness at this time of year so we were glad we finally found something that she could “enjoy”.  Tamara from the Tastebuds loves everything pumpkin so she was excited about trying it and of course Stacey was all in on the pumpkin.  However, no one hated it, even Carrie who is totally against pumpkin beer liked it.  Everyone agreed that the pumpkin spice made it taste like and apple pie or a mulled cider.  This would be a great beverage to have as the weather turns cooler and fire pits become more abundant.  It wasn’t too sweet and the spices didn’t over power the cider, which created a great balance.  Although at first glance it may look like something that would be awful, take our word for it, it’s actually good and worth trying.

Classic Hard Cider is on the left

Leigh doubled up on the cider this week with the sharin’ beverage and Country Boy Brewing’s Classic Hard Cider.  Since opening their Georgetown facility in Georgetown Kentucky they have started canning several different beers for wide distribution.  Luckily for Leigh their Classic Hard Cider was one of them.  This is a great cider that uses locally sourced apples.  It has a nice crisp taste and isn’t too sweet.  You could definitely drink more than one of these, forget regular apple cider this fall, if you are in the distribution area for Country Boy (which is expanding), pick this up and enjoy it next to your favorite fire pit.

Cougar Bait Key Lime is on the right

Tamara and  TasteBud Leigh both went for the newest Country Boy flavor in a can, Key Lime Cougar Bait.  The classic Cougar Bait has been around since CB opened five years ago, but they decided to bring put the lime in it to put a spin on the classic.  The lime works really really well, it’s not chemically or artificial tasting at all and it really brightens up the beer.  Hopefully this one sticks around because it would be a great lawn mowing, pool side, patio sitting beer for the summer, but don’t hesitate to go ahead and pick it up anyway cause it’s that good.

Nacho Bait is in the middle

Nacho Bait is another Country Boy beer that has been around since the brewery started and has always been a GBS favorite, so we were really excited when they decided to start canning it.  We were a little hesitant, however, because we have felt like CB turned down the heat on this beer in the last couple of years.  Stacey got to test this theory and she was very pleasantly surprised that the heat on the can had been turned up.  This was the beer that Stacey and the rest of us had come to love initially at CB.  If ya like the a beer with some heat in the can, Stacey definitely recommends that you pick this one up.


Lauren continued the Kentucky beer theme this week from a beer from Great Flood Brewing Co out of Louisville.  Now it’s no secret that we aren’t fans of the Birds With Teeth (biological fact they don’t have them) out of that city, but we will admit that Louisville does have a lot of good breweries.  Lauren had never had anything from Great Flood before and she was really happy with her Toasted Brown Ale choice.  The beer delivered everything it promised in terms of a great nutty, toasted flavor that you want in a brown ale.  At 5.2% it makes it an easy drinking beer for fall weather.  Put this one in your tailgate/fire pit party cooler.


Since Oktoberfest is almost over Carrie wanted to make sure to send this year’s out right and stay on the train.  She actually hit the exacta with this one, West Sixth is a Lexington  KY Brewery and Danke Chain is an Oktoberfest Beer.  This is a great Oktoberfest beer, a little carmely and malty and would go great with brats or pretzels.  West Sixth distributes to a wide part of the country so chances are good you can find this in your area.  Even though the traditional Oktoberfest celebration is coming to an end, it’s still worth picking up some Danke Chain for the actual month of October.  Plus you can annoy your friends by singing some Wayne Newton every time you drink it.


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