What We’re Drinkin’ This Week….

This week we welcome Kindsey Bernhard from Rock House Brewing to the show to talk all about Lexington’s newest brewery on the block. Lauren channels her inner Stacey and drinks a pumpkin beer of her own free will. We discuss if Carrie can get out of jury duty, fall down the GBS Oktoberfest fact hole and of course get our college football pick’em of the week on.

Listen to “Episode 78 Rock House Not Rolling Rock” on Spreaker.


Not only did Kindsey come on the show to talk about Rock House Brewing she brought a growler of their American Pale Ale, which we turned into our sharin’ beer for this week.  This beer delivered everything that she promised it would.  It was smooth and easy to drink with just enough bitterness to give it a little bite at the end.  This would be a great beer to pick up for a tailgate or just at home drinking, ya know after work or jury duty.  If you don’t like IPA’s because of the bitterness and don’t want anything too dark this would also fit the bill.  Definitely stop into the brewery and check out their American Pale Ale as well as their other selections.  If you want more information on the brewery you’re just gonna hafta listen to the episode.


Rock House does keep a cider on tap and Kindsey was kind enough to bring Leigh a sample of what they have on tap right now.  Ganrly Grove’s Ledgendberry hard cider.  That’s the actual can it comes in, but Kindsey brought Leigh’s in a repurposed water bottle, which was great, and reminded us all of our old college days of trying to sneak alcohol into various events like class.  The cider itself was ok, at 6% it’s on the high end and the sweetness was a little much, probably don’t want to have more than a couple of these.  Feel free, however, to forgo the can and use a water bottle, to make drinking this one more nostalgic or adventurous.


Kindsey also brought a New Belgium Fat Tire Belgian White special release for her personal drinking beer on the show.  This one isn’t around long, so if you want to try it you probably need to buy it now.  Made with seville orange peel and ground coriander this is what you would expect from New  Belgium and their Fat Tire beer, a great beer, easy drinking with a lot of flavor.  At only 5.2% you could definitely drink more than one of these and this is a great fall alternative if you’re looking for something other than Oktoberfest or pumpkin beers.


Lauren channeled her inner Stacey for this week’s pick and of her own free will went with Elysian Brewing’s Night Owl Pumpkin Ale.  There really isn’t much to say about this beer.  If you like pumpkin beers then you will love this beer, which Lauren described as pumpkin pie in a bottle.  If you hate pumpkin beers then you will hate this beer because yeah pumpkin pie in a bottle.  This beer did not get any better as the show went on, if you can believe that.  Seriously if you want to drink pumpkin beer do yourself a favor and go find New Belgium’s Voodoo Ranger Atomic Pumpkin that we had on the show last week.


It’s still Oktoberfest season so Carrie continued her theme of Oktoberfest beers this week.  And this week’s pick is Shiner Oktoberfest, from the good people who bring you Shiner Bock and other great Shiner beers.  We’ve had regular Shiner Bock before and that’s a great straightforward beer.  If you like that then you’ll like Shiner Oktoberfest.  It’s really what you would come to expect from an Oktoberfest beer, dark in color with a slight malty/carmely flavor.  It was definitely different from the Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest that Carrie had a couple of shows ago, but not in a bad way.  Recommend picking this one up if you are shopping around for different Oktoberfests, pick up the Sierra Nevada too and compare!

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