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Episode 75 We Put The Band Back Together! Stacey returns in this jam packed episode where we talk US Open tennis, Mayweather v McGregor, why living in college dorms kinda sucked but why we’d do it now and of course this episode marks the triumphant return of our College Football Pick’em! Give a listen, tell your friends and enjoy our new sound!



We love finding craft breweries outside of the U.S., we were lucky enough to try Nita Brewing out of Canada thanks to our friends at Ridin’ Pine Show and this week’s sharin’ beer also comes to us from outside the U.S.  Cerveza Cucapa is (labeled on their bottle anyway) as Mexico’s Best Craft Brewery and while it’s beer can mainly be found in the Southwest U.S. we just happened to find it at Liquor Barn in Lexington KY.  The LowRider Pale ale is a Rye Ale made with a bunch of hops (this was the exact description on the bottle) so we aren’t sure exactly what hops went into it.  At 7.2% it was a little boozy, but did have the kind of sweet, malty flavor that you would find in a Rye.  If you are interested in craft breweries outside of the U.S. and you can find any of Cucapa products we highly recommend checking out the LowRide. Liquor Barn did carry a few more of their beers, including a Barleywine, so don’t be surprised to hear us drink another one in a future episode.


Leigh’s selection this week comes from Blake’s Hard Cider Co. in Michigan.  Blake’s is pretty widely distributed throughout the U.S. so finding this one probably won’t be too hard.  This is a pear cider, made with pears, not bears.  This cider was fine, not to sweet or tart, fairly drinkable.  Really not much else to say about it.  Leigh liked it and would probably drink it again, especially since it falls into the not too sweet category.


Stacey was back on the show this week and brought Beer Geek’s Brunch Weasel with her.  Stacey loves brunch so this oatmeal stout brewed with coffee was right in her wheelhouse.  This is a high gravity beer at 10%, but wasn’t too “boozy” as many high gravity beers tend to be.  It had a nice coffee flavor and although you probably wouldn’t want to drink more than one of these (or maybe you would, we’re not gonna tell you what to do), having at least one of these at brunch would definitely help with that hangover.  We would like to also note that in addition to being a pretty good beer, Brunch Weasel would also be an awesome name for a band.


Lauren’s pick this week is from a Kentucky brewery right up the road from Lexington in Covington KY.  Braxton Brewing’s Storm is a Golden Cream Ale.  This is a great lawnmower beer to help you hang onto the last vestiges of summer.  At 4.8% you could definitely have more than one of these, which would make it a great beer for tailgating at football games as well.  Lauren found the beer to be slightly creamy and not overly hoppy.  This is one Braxton product that she would defintely purchase again, unlike the Braxton Lab’s cucumber beer, which Carrie had a few weeks ago and was possibly one of the worst beers she’s ever had.  If you’ve ever wondered what bath and body works tastes like then pick up their Cucumber Witbier.


Refusing to give up summer just yet, Carrie’s pick this week puts the coconut in the beer instead of the lime.  Dogfish Head’s Lupu-Lauau IPA is brewed with coconut and coconut water.  Dog Fish Head is notorious for putting a variety of different ingredients in their beer as we can attest, having had some interesting offerings from them in the past.  This beer, however, was slightly disappointing, the IPA was fine, not too hoppy and very drinkable, but there was no coconut.  There wasn’t even a hint of coconut, even letting it sit in the Stanley Cup cup didn’t bring out the flavor.  If you are looking for coconut then you should probably skip this one.



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