What We’re Drinkin This Week..

Episode 74 is finally up! We bust out brand new equipment for this show. Leigh is back and friend of the show Ann joins us to talk all things fantasy football as well as Last Chance U the second season.  And of course we also had to throw some conversation about the eclipse in there!

Listen to “Episode 74 Cords and Beer” on Spreaker.


This week’s sharin’ beer comes from New Holland Brewing’s Sour Series.  Mischievous II Sour Brown Ale with Peaches is an excellent beer to check out whether you are just getting into sours or are already a big fan of this style of beer.   We didn’t taste the peach as much as we would have liked (well everyone except for Leigh who couldn’t partake), but the nuttiness of the brown ale really helped to cut the sour flavor and give the beer a great smoothness, something that is often times missing in this syle of beer.  Ann, who typically doesn’t like dark beers, really liked this one because for her the sour actually helped lighten up the brown ale.  The balance on both sides of this beer was really great and could definitely be enjoyed by sour and non-sour fans alike.




To make up for her absence last week, Leigh had a twofer this week.  She was on the spritzer/hard seltzer train with White Claw’s Ruby Grapefruit and Palm Breeze’s Ruby Grapefruit.  Leigh has had several White Claw products on the show and can’t say enough about all their flavors,  their ruby red was just as good as everything else that she’s had.  Crisp, flavorful and gluten free you really can’t go wrong with this or any of their other flavors.  The Palm Breeze was just slightly ahead of the White Claw for Leigh, not neccesarily due to flavor, but due to the fact that it had lower carbination. (Full disclosure, Palm Breeze is only made to remove gluten so depending on your gluten sensitivity you may want to be careful).  If you like less carbination check out the Palm Breeze, but really either one is a good choice.



Friend of the show Ann joined us this week to talk fantasy football strategy and she brought some Naraganset’s Shandy to enjoy.  You can’t go wrong with a Shandy, what’s not to love about lemonade and beer?  Since we are trying to hold onto the last vestiges of summer this was the perfect beer to drink on the show.  Lemony, but not like lemon pledge, not too sweet and a low percentage alcohol makes this a great pool beer to try to hold onto summer and beat back the impending flood of pumpkin beer that is ready to bust through the dam next month.


Lauren took a break from IPAs last week, but jumped right back on the train with this week’s selection, we really don’t know who she is anymore.   Rhinegeist’s Astro Dwarf is a Hazy India Pale Ale that  we can add this to the list of IPAs that Lauren liked and would drink again.  Brewed with Bravo, Galaxy, Mosaic and Hallertau Blanc hops you would think that this beer would be super hoppy, but it’s not and has some nice citrus notes to cut through the hops.  Even at 6% Lauren could drink a couple of these and this is another great beer to drink to try to hold onto summer and hold off the gallons of pumpkin beer that are going to start flowing.


Carrie’s beer this week comes from Moody Tongue out of Chicago.  We are pretty sure that this is a brewery that is new to Lexington, it’s definitely one we haven’t seen in Liquor Barn  until a couple of weeks ago.  Although they have many different offerings, Carrie went with their Smoked Applewood Gold, which is a gold lager.  This beer much like their label is pretty minimalist.  The first few sips yielded a nice subtle smokey flavor, which unfortunately didn’t last through the whole beer.  The lager itself was a fine standard lager, it was just slightly disappointing that the smoke flavor didn’t carry over the entire beer.  Carrie would be interested to try some other Moody Tongue beers in the future, if you see them in your area, give them a try.


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