What We’re Drinkin’ This Week….

Episode 70; We welcome friend of the show Andrew to guest co-host while Stacey is on a brunch quest. We recap Lexington Burger week, wonder why there isn’t a taco week, hear about Andrew’s ghost adventure at Bobby Mackey’s and pick our walk up songs for everyday life tasks and much, much more! Listen and tell your friends!

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Leigh is on a roll with the sharin’ beer, this week we shared a gluten free dubbel ale from Greens.  A lot of places carry Greens products in bottles and this is one of Leigh’s go to brands if she is out and would rather have beer over cider.  She hadn’t had this flavor before though.  Everyone was really pleasantly surprised at the drinkability of this beer.  It had a nice almost raisin or grape finish at the end, and tasted very much like a dubbel should.  It is made with sorghum, but definitely didn’t suffer from any over sweetness that usually comes with many gluten free beers.  Special co-host for the week Andrew said that this is something he would purchase.  Even if you’re not gluten free give this beer a try, if you are gluten free, cheers!


Leigh has discovered the wonderful world of Spiked Seltzer.  This is a gluten free product and comes in a variety of different flavors.  Leigh went with west indies lime this week.  This is a great choice if you are watching your carbs (5 per can), don’t want ultra light beer and want something with a fairly high ABV (6%).  This is definitely a pool, patio, summer beverage.  The lime was very refreshing and the seltzer itself wasn’t overly sweet.  These come in packs of 12 and with a variety of different flavors this is a great alternative to cider, ultra light beer or alcohol pop beverages.


Carrie picked out guest co-host Andrew’s beverage this week.  When she saw this in the singles section at Liquor Barn she knew Andrew had to drink it.  Rico Sauvin from Against the Grain Brewery in Louisville is a double IPA with a great name and even better can art (we’ve had other Againist the Grain products and all their can art is always great!)  It is labeled as a “sexy beer for a sexy man”, so of course Andrew had to drink it.  Don’t let the double IPA scare you away from this beer.  It is very smooth and easy drinking with some great hints of grape and passion fruits.  Andrew highly recommends this one and was ready to go out and buy a six pack after the show.


We really don’t know who Lauren is anymore.  When she first started the show she was not a fan of IPA’s at all, within the last month she keeps drinking IPA’s of her own free will.  Lauren blames this on the fact that her taste buds are dead, but we think that being a member of the GBS squad has broadened her horizons.  Her picked this week comes from Terrapin Brewery in Atlanta, Georgia and is her most hoppy IPA yet.  Aptly named Hopsecutioner, this beer is made with 6 different hops including Warrior, Chinook, Centennial, Simcoe, Amarillo and Cascade.  Surprisingly or not at this point Lauren really liked the beer.  It has a nice balance of hoppy bitterness and citrus.  It was a lot smoother than she thought that it would be.  It’s 7.3% so not really a pool or lawn mower beer, but it’s definitely something you could enjoy on a patio.  If you like IPA’s give this one a try for sure.




Carrie’s pick this week is a limited release collaboration between Sweet Water brewing and Telluride Brewing.  Torikumi is a wasabi infused blonde ale.  There is a whole story that goes along with the beer, and unfortunately the story is more interesting than the beer.  Carrie really loves beer infused with spice, jalapenos, habaneros etc. and she was really excited to try something with wasabi.  The blonde ale was fine, a bit creamy and smooth, but here was no heat at all.  Even drinking it out of the Stanley Cup cup didn’t improve it.  Either there wasn’t enough wasabi to give it a kick or the wasabi just didn’t hold up to the beer.  If you are looking for something with a lot of heat or spice, unfortunately, Carrie can’t recommend this one.

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