What We’re Drinkin’ This Week…..

Episode 69 is a special one as we start our new Fact of the Week segment. What’s our first trip down the ole fact hole? You’ll have to listen to find out! Plus we talk about burgers, Wimbledon, and Carrie’s obsession with David Duchovny. We round it out with a special baseball Pick Em to honor the All Star game, which we all know embiggens the spirit of baseball! Give us a listen and tell your friends!

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The Sharin’ beer this week is actually a cider and because it was a cider, Leigh got to participate in the sharin’ two weeks in a row!  South Cider comes to us from our favorite non beer/meadery place New Day up in Indianapolis.  Just as we have enjoyed their products in the past South Cider was no exception.  It is a basic straight forward cider, with honey, that at first sips felt like it was going to be too sweet.  Lauren, Carrie, Leigh and Stacey all agreed, however, that it turned out to be a really nice balance of dry and sweet, which is what you want in a cider.  It comes in at 6% and like with all New Day products has some great label art.  Highly recommend picking this one up, while your purchasing this, go ahead and buy some of their other products as well, you won’t be disappointed.


Leigh was doubling down on the cider this week with her pick from Original Sin.  Leigh wasn’t sure what an elderberry was or what one was supposed to taste like when she decided to go with this, but it was an Original Sin product she hadn’t had before, so why not.  The only knowledge that Lauren, Stacey and Carrie had about elderberries all derived from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, so they weren’t much help deciphering what the cider should taste like.  Surprisingly the elderberry cider tasted like…….cider, just regular cider.  We can attest to this because we passed the bottle around and all tried it.  Elderberries must be really subtle because neither Leigh or the rest of the group got any kind of berry flavor at all from this cider.  If you want to make numerous Monty Python jokes while you drink this then by all means pick some up, if you want to know what elderberries taste like…..ask your mother, she would probably know since she smells of them.



Stacey returned to the show this week, taking a break from following the off broadway production of Dirty Dancing around the country and was greeted by Lauren’s refrigerator with Golden Road’s Palisades Pineapple.  Golden Road is a brewery out of California and their Palisades Pineapple reflects that California vibe.  Stacey really enjoys it in the can (beer, she enjoys beer in the can, get your mind out of the gutter) and the Palisades Pinapple continued her streak of beers to drink in a koozie by the pool.  This American Wheat Ale with apricot and pineapple is very light and refreshing.  The classic wheat ale is the perfect balance to the subtle fruit flavors, you could drink more than one of these and not get overwhelmed by the fruit.  Add this to your pool cooler.



As someone who claims not to like IPA’s Lauren keeps drinking them every week and this week’s pick continues that trend.  Either she has started to like them or they have killed her sense of taste, she isn’t sure which, but either way she has continued to bring them to the table.  This week’s selection comes from Sierra Nevada, their Tropical Torpedo is a Tropical IPA.  You would think that a Tropical IPA would have maybe some fruit flavor, but this was not the case.  In fact Lauren stated that she really couldn’t taste any fruit, but she did like the beer.  It was a smooth IPA with just a hint of bitterness.  This is definitely a sipping beer,  if your interested also check out their regular Torpedo which is probably a better straightforward IPA without the “tropical”.


Rogue-Hot-Tub-Scholarship--960x519 (1).jpg

Carrie’s selection this week comes from Rogue Brewery in Oregon.  Rogue is one of what we would consider the older craft breweries around.  They were one of the first craft breweries we remember seeing at places here in Lexington, and most of their products are pretty good.  Their Hot Tub Scholarship Lager is a  pretty standard German Helles style Lager.  It’s not too hoppy and has a bit of creamy finish to it (of course it was being drunk out of the Stanely Cup cup, which always makes all beer taste better), definitely great really cold.  The great thing about this beer, however, is not the beer itself, but the story behind it and the cause it supports.   Rogue beer started a scholarship in honor of its late founder Jack Joyce.  The scholarship goes to support a student studying in the Fermentation program at Oregon State University.  The second student to receive the award stated that they used part of the money to buy a hot tub, something that Jack Joyce would have fully supported.  Rogue ran with this and created Hot Tub Scholarship Lager, 10% of the proceeds from this beer go to support the Jack Joyce scholarship.  Drinking beer for a cause always embiggens the spirit, embiggen your spirit and pick up some Hot Tub Scholarship Lager.



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