What We’re Drinkin This Week….

Episode 65 we hear all about Leigh’s adventures in Facebook hacking, find out how we would change the romper/jumper for the better, play a fun game of iconic, lame or sooo played sports music edition and of course talk all kinds of sports while we drink beer.

Listen to “Episode 65: Facebook is Lameconic!” on Spreaker.


The Sharin’ Beer this week, Scary Jesus Rock Star comes from Dark Horse Brewing.  Since Stacey is still out on loan, Lauren and Carrie split this one.  Dark Horse produces some pretty good beer, but this Apricot Chamomile Ale isn’t one of them.  It’s definitely scary, but we wouldn’t consider it a Rock Star.  Like with all the sharin’ beers Carrie and Lauren powered through it, but neither one liked it very much.  There wasn’t any apricot, but there was plenty of chamomile.  If you like the taste of alcoholic tea then this would be the beer for you, otherwise this is a case of the label/name being a lot better than the beer.


Leigh’ pick this week comes from Blake’s Hard Cider, makers of a variety of different cider products.  The Tonic is a cider infused with Cucumber and Ginger.  Leigh actually liked this cider more than she thought that she would.  The cucumber and ginger were both balanced and neither one overpowered the other in terms of flavor and the cider wasn’t overly sweet.  We’ve had a lot of summer/lawn mower/patio beers on the show and Leigh was very happy to find a cider that she felt fit into that category.


Lauren’s pick this week comes from New Belgium, makers of a variety of different high quality beers.  In kind of keeping with a summer theme Lauren chose their Juicy Watermelon, which is interesting because Lauren isn’t a fan of watermelon, it is well documented that she wouldn’t even eat it if it was deep-fried.  This Watermelon Lime Ale is definitely an exception to Lauren’s no watermelon rule.  She really enjoyed the beer and felt like it had a really great balance of watermelon/fruit flavor and lime.  Lauren isn’t a huge fan of fruit beers, but again this one would be an exception.  She would defitnely pick up a sixer of these for some back porch weekend day drinkin.


Carrie picked up the summer beer in a can flag that Stacey dropped when she went on loan and chose a beer from the fine people at Dog Fish Head Brewing.  Dog Fish Head isn’t afraid to put anything in a beer and the Sea Quench Ale Session Sour contains limes, lime peel, black limes and sea salt.  This beer really delivered what it promised in terms of flavor.  Many times a beer will say it has salt in it, but often times the saltiness just doesn’t come through or tastes artificial.   That wasn’t the case with this beer, Sea Quench had a great tart/lime flavor and a nice briney finish.   This is definitely a beer that needs to be drunk in the heat, it doesn’t say quench in the name for nothin’.

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