Take A Drive To Lemon’s Mill…

Looking for some great craft beer in the Central Kentucky area?  Want to see some great Kentucky scenery?  Then take a drive to Lemon’s Mill brewery in Harrodsburg Kentucky. Keith and Jay from the brewery were on our show not to long ago to talk about the beer they are brewing, you can listen to that right here: Listen to “Episode 52 Happy As A Pig In……” on Spreaker.  But as the saying goes, there’s nothing like being there!

The Taproom is a great space for drinking beer
They also have a great patio space, perfect for some day drinkin
24 beers on tap, Lemon’s Mill brews are in yellow
They offer a couple of ciders and other area breweries
Red-Razzle on the left, an excellent Raspberry Ale and G-Spot on the right, a Jalapeno Ale with a nice amount of heat
They have some really great equine tac boxes that not only look great, but also function as tables


If you’re in the Central Kentucky area then get down to Lemon’s Mill Brewery in Harrodsburg Kentucky and sample some awesome beer in a great setting.  Tell em’ Girls, Beer, Sports sent ya!

You can find directions and hours here:  Lemon’s Mill Brewery

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