What We’re Drinkin’ This Week….

Stacey and Leigh were on special assignment this week, so Carrie and Lauren were joined by guest co-host Cohorn from the podcast Talk Nerdy to Me.  The three of them discussed the merits of shower wine, talked wrastlin’, debated on what fictional sport they would watch if it was real and of course drank some beer.

Listen to “Episode 63 Girls, Beer, Nerds” on Spreaker.


Carrie wasn’t going to do a sharin’ beer this week, but once she saw the above at Liquor Barn she knew she had to make it so.  Cohorn, Carrie and Lauren all partook in Ommegang Brewing’s Game of Thrones inspired beer aptly called Bend The Knee.  This beer is a golden ale brewed with honey and is one beer in a series of three inspired by the book/tv show.  Although Chris doesn’t watch the show he did like the beer and found it drinkable and just a little sour.  Lauren loves the show and the books and also really liked this beer, although she did cheat on it a little bit, having tried it earlier in the weekend.  Carrie was slightly disappointed in the beer finding it a little to tart for her liking, with not enough honey.  She was expecting more of a mead type product, but this didn’t deliver that.  It wouldn’t be something we would buy on the regular, but if you like Game of Thrones or are throwing a Game of Thrones themed party it would be worth picking up.


Cohorn picked up a growler of Country Boy Brewing’s Cliff Jumper IPA for his guest hosting beer.   Country Boy is one of the founding craft breweries in the Lexington area and it’s hard to go wrong with any of their products.  Cohron informed us that this is his favorite of all the beers that Country Boy brews so he definitely enjoyed it and recommends it.  If you are looking for a straight forward IPA with a lot of flavor, a nice balance of citrus and not too much bitterness on the back-end pick up a growler fill of this at either Country Boy’s Lexington or Georgetown locations.  It’s a real bargain on $10 growler fill days.



Lauren chose her beer this week in honor of Memorial Day.  Dog Tag Brewing’s Legacy Lager is not only a great beer, but it supports a great cause and the art work on the can is really worth checking out.  100% of Dog Tag Brewing’s profits go to support Gold Star Family initiatives, which support impact projects of remembrance.  And each can has the information of a fallen soldier on the back.  The beer itself is pretty much a standard lager that is definitely drinkable on the patio or after some yard work, but the mission of the brewery really is more important than the beer.  Visit Dog Tag Brewing Foundation to find out more.


Since this weekend was also the “official” start of summer Carrie picked up Victory Brewing’s Summer Love Ale.  Victory makes other fine beers,  and this one is no exception.  It has some citrusy hoppiness and a classical pilsner flavor.  It’s a summer seasonal so enjoy it on the patio, at the pool, while mowing the lawn or after and in the air conditioning away from the heat.   This is a six pack buy for sure.

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