What We’re Drinkin’ This Week…..

Beer fans rejoice! You can actually major in beer! Join us as special guest Dr. Chris Paumi discusses the basics of fermentation science and the program at Eastern Kentucky University. We share our excitement about University of Kentucky softball, the French Open, and of course Stacey provides a spoiler-free Twin Peaks review. Finally we’ll take you on a trip down memory lane as we recall the joys of Natty Lite and other college brews.

Listen to “Episode 62 We’re going back to school at Beer U” on Spreaker.

The sharin’ beer that we had this week came from the home brewery of our guest Dr. Chris Paumi.  His blueberry hefeweizen was the perfect combination of fruit and hefe flavor that you want.  If he sold this we would definitely by it.


Leigh’s pick this week comes from Shacksbury brewing in Vermont.  This was another pick up from Pivot brewing’s package sale area.  At 6% it’s on the high-end of the cider spectrum, but it definitely delivers what it promises, light, sparkling and dry with a nice balance of fruit and acidity.  If you are looking for a basic cider that isn’t one of the bigger named ones pick this up.


In addition to his own beer, our guest Chris also picked up a DuClaw Sweet Baby Jesus Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter. Having lived in Baltimore Maryland, Chris is a big fan DuClaw products and this was no exception.  Carrie had this beer on a previous episode and also liked it, but didn’t find it peanut buttery enough.  Chris also liked it, but thought it had a lot of peanut flavor.  He didn’t think he could have more than one even though he liked all the flavors.  Carrie and Chris both endorse this beer if you are looking for a solid chocolate peanut butter porter.


Stacey’s pick this week comes from Green Flash brewing in San Diego.  Their Passion Fruit Kicker fits right in with Stacey’s summer beer theme that she’s been working on for several shows.  This is an easy drinking American pale wheat ale with a tropical twist, great for the cooler, the pool and mowin’ the lawn.  It fits great in a koozie and 5.5% you can definitely drink more than one.



Lauren went local with her pick this week.  West 6th Brewing’s Milk Stout  isn’t a summer beer, but that doesn’t matter because it’s a great beer.  It’s a big flavorful stout in a big bottle.  Barrel aged and brewed with fresh coffee this is one that you should check out at any time of year.  Lauren really really liked it.


Carrie’s pick this week comes from New Holland Brewing.  New Holland makes some quality beer and they’re pub crawl a few years a ago in Lexington was awesome.  Hoptronix is Double IPA made with Mosaic Hops (Carrie’s favorite hop).  The space invaders themed label, unfortunately the beer isn’t.  Carrie was really disappointed in the flavor.  Mosaic hops add a fruitiness to a beer, but none of that came through with this one.  It was very bitter on the front end and almost slightly skunky.  This was picked from the singles shelf, so it’s possible that it had been sitting there for a while effecting the taste.  Carrie would give it another chance if it was on draft, but probably wouldn’t buy it in bottle form again.


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