What We’re Drinkin This Week…

This week we’ve got lots of updates related to the local craft beer festival, plus softball, EPL, and tennis, not to mention our friendly wager with the Ridin’ Pine Show. We feature what is probably the first-ever Twin Peaks Royal Rumble, in anticipation of the new series starting on Sunday. Who will be the last one standing–The Log Lady, Agent Cooper, BOB, or someone else…Find out in this wonderful and strange episode, and also enjoy Stacey’s birthday shotgun round!
Listen to “Episode 61 A Damn Fine Podcast” on Spreaker.


This week’s sharin’ beer comes from Rogue Brewery in Oregon.  Rogue is the maker of many fine products, Arrogant Bastard Ale is one of their classics.  In keeping with the Twin Peaks theme of the show we decided to try their Revolutionary Blend Cold Brew IPA.  This beer is blended with 200 gallons of Stumptown Coffee Roasters’ famous Cold Brew Coffee.  Stacey and Lauren aren’t huge IPA fans, but they did like this beer.  Many coffee infused beers are dark, but Revolutionary Blend had a nice light color and the coffee really came through in the beginning.  As the beer warmed up it did lose some of its coffee flavor, but wasn’t overpowered by the hops at any point.  If you are looking for a lighter drinking coffee infused beer we would definitely recommend picking this up.


Leigh’s pick this week comes from New Day Brewery in Indiana.  Leigh had New Day’s Breakfast Magpie a few weeks ago and absolutely loved it (listen to this week’s episode to see how it influenced her softball skills).  On Lauren’s recommendation she decided to try Johnny Chapman (insert bad Red’s closer joke here) a hard cider infused with sorghum aged in bourbon barrels.    At 12% it’s pretty stout.  We all had a taste and agreed that it was pretty sweet to start out.  It opened/warmed up as the show went on and the sweetness was replaced by a bourbon flavor.  This high gravity cider is definitely for sippin, if you don’t like a lot of sweet up front go with the Breakfast Magpie.



Stacey’s pick this week comes via Carrie.  We’ve had Uinta (listen to this week’s episode for how to pronounce Uinta) products before and their Birthday Suit Sour Cherry Blonde Ale didn’t disappoint.  This beer had everything that Stacey loves sour, fruit, lightness and a lower percentage in a big bottle.  It was the perfect  beer to celebrate her birthday.



Lauren’s pick this week comes from Breckenridge Brewery.  We’ve had Breckenridge products on the show before and have pretty much liked everything they brew.  Normally Lauren is not a fan of hoppy beers, but she really enjoyed the Ophelia Hoppy Wheat Ale.  This was a refreshing ale with just a hint of hops. definitely keep this one in your summer cooler rotation.


In honor of craft beer week Carrie’s pick comes from Lexington’s own Alltech brewing.  This is another seasonal offering from Alltech, Carrie had their Blackberry Porter on a previous show and really enjoyed it.  The Peach Barrel Wheat Ale was just as good as the Blackberry Porter, but in a different way.  The peach flavor was fairly strong and came through even at the end.  Since this is a wheat ale there was also a slight peaches and cream flavor that was nice.  The bourbon flavor wasn’t as strong as it was on the Porter.   The biggest draw back of this beer is the price point, at $13.99 for a four pack it’s expensive, but if you can find this in a singles section of your local liquor establishment then definitely pick it up.

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