This Week’s Special Episode….Derby Party Spectacular!











In our second Kentucky Derby special episode, 32 fictional horses enter, but only one will leave in our Best Fictional Horse Ever bracket. We’re joined by special guests Andrew, drummer from EZRA, and long-time listener, Barbara. Recorded live at a Derby party, you can bet there’s some joking around about hats, bourbon, bronies, and so much more.

Listen to “GBS Special Ep A Lump of Ponies: An Underhorse Story” on Spreaker.

Since this was a special episdoe Carrie kept it Brockmire (if you aren’t watching Brockmire you should be) and enjoyed some Sazerac Rye (aka Baby Saz).  With a price point of $30 this is a very good sippin rye whiskey, that is if you can find it. SAZ-rye.png









Lauren dove into the Beer Roulette cooler for this show and pulled out a shiny silver bullet from Feb. 2017.  Not much to say on this one other than it was Coor’s Light and even though it was passed it’s freshness date at least it wasn’t skunked and Lauren did finish it.can.png

Special guest and friend of the show, Andrew, went with a show favorite, West Sixth IPA.  This is a great IPA, which Carrie and the CFO enjoy often.  If you’re looking for a standard easty drinking IPA check this one out, it’s local to Lexington, but is available outside of Kentucky.


Stacey had wine in a cup, which she drank, but really not sure what kind of wine it was so, sorry no review.  Although, she did have a shot of tequilla before we started recording.




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