Forget Thurby, Read This Instead..

Ralph Steadman did all of the illustrations for the article…credit Future Journalsim Project

On first Saturday in May all eyes turn towards the Commonwealth of Kentucky to watch the fastest two minutes in sports.  On Friday the Fillies run for the Lillies at the Oaks.  Nothing beats a good Derby Eve or Derby Day party, but,  unfortunately Derby week in Louisville has been taken over by events like Thurby, a made up “tradition” that by our account is just an excuse for people to drink on a Thursday.  We’re not sure why you would need an excuse to drink on a Thursday, but there you are.   We can tell you that Hunter S. Thompson never needed an excuse to drink on a Thursday other than the fact that it was Thursday.  We’re pretty sure he wouldn’t be on board with Thurby either, but he did love the Kentucky Derby and he wrote what is considered the definitive article about the Derby experience.  The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and depraved was written in the 1970’s, established his brand of gonzo journalism and still remains a must read during the first week in May.  The Kentucky Derby is Decedant and Depraived is to The Kentucky Derby what the Night Before Christmas is to Christmas Eve, a must read once a year.  So forget about Thurby, grab your favorite adult beverage of choice and enjoy the best article ever written about The Kentucky Derby.

The Kentucky Derby Is Decadent and Depraved  HUNTER S. THOMPSON

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