What We’re Drinkin’ This Week

What exactly is a Derby Nacho Hat? You’ll have to listen to Episode 60 to find out. We briefly visit the phenomenon that is Competitive Hobbyhorse as well as discuss qualities to look for in (real) horses, including our own early Derby picks. We talk about the NFL draft, the latest in EPL and tennis, and of course, beer and cider. There may have even been a brief discussion of how babies are like bulldogs. Give us a listen and tell your friends!

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Sharin’ Beer: 


Since it is Derby week this week, Carrie couldn’t resist having Lauren and Stacey try Braxton Brewing’s Kentucky Home, a Mint Julep Style Beer, it’s an Ale aged in Bourbon Barrels and finished with Mint.  The Mint Julep is the official drink of the Kentucky Derby and pretty much consists of bourbon, a simple syrup and mint.  Some people like them and some people hate them, generally if you’re from Kentucky you drink at least one on Derby Day whether you like them or not.  We were hoping that this beer would be a good alternative to a classic mint julep, but even though Braxton is a Kentucky based brewery we just didn’t get a lot of the julep experience we were looking for.  We actually expected the beer to be a lot darker than it was and while there was an actual nice kind of minty/grassy flavor to the beer neither Carrie, Stacey or Lauren got much bourbon flavor from it.  If you’re looking for a bourbon barrel beer this probably is not the one for you, but if  you’re not a huge fan of bourbon and want the whole julep experience without force drinking yourself one at a derby party, then pick this up.


Leigh’s pick comes on the recommendation of Lauren and is from New Day Brewing in Indiana.  The Breakfast Magpie  is a black raspberry mead infused with espresso reserve coffee beans.  It poured a nice dark color and the nose was immediate raspberry.  We actually passed it around the table and all tried a bit before we recorded and we all agreed that it was delicious.  The raspberry gave way to a subtle chocolate flavor and then coffee on the back-end.  This is a highly recommend by all of us, it’s 8% and gluten-free!


Stacey’s pick this week comes from Avery Brewing.  Stacey is really sticking to the summer lovin’, koozie fittin’, pool drinkin, patio sittin’, lawn mowin’, bbq eatin’ beers for the next couple of weeks.  The Liliko’i Kepolo Tropical & Tart didn’t disappoint.  This Belgian Wit with Passion Fruit definitely delivered what it promised on tartness and fruit flavor.  It hits all summerin’s you can think of for sure.


Lauren’ pick comes from the same brewer as the sharin’ beer, Braxton Brewing company.  The can is interesting because it really is designed to be stored and opened upside down.  Since Haven is labeled as a slightly cloud Hefeveizen we all agreed that the upside down thing is probably to prevent sediment from settling., although Lauren though there maybe some gimmick to it also. Either way the beer was a solid Heffe, not too heavy tasting.  Definitely a beer you could have a few of on a nice day.


Carrie’s pick is from Dark Horse Brewing.  Carrie wanted to stick with a horse theme this week and this was as close as she could find.  Rain in Blood (a play on the Slayer song as well as the Slayer logo) an Orange Pale Ale  was less scary than its name implied.  As far as orange flavored beers go this one was a bit different, but in a good way.  Instead of having jus a boring orange flavor it actually tasted a little bit like those candy orange slices that your grandma always had sitting in the candy jar.  It was orange/sweet enough to be noticeable, but not so overpowering that you couldn’t taste the beer, which was a nice pale ale, not too hoppy.  If you aren’t into heavy fruit beers, but are interested in trying something with a little unique fruit flavor then get in the pit with this one.


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