What We’re Drinkin This Week…

In this week’s episode we talk about Sharapova’s return to tennis, Serena’s big news, Coach Cal’s 30 for 30, EPL, baseball, and much more! You won’t want to miss us pontifidrinking about salmon pants at Keeneland, Herbal Essences commercials from the 1990s, plus animals doing jobs in our first fictional character football draft

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The Sharin’ Beer this week comes from DuClaw, and is a take on their peanut butter porter Sweet Baby Jesus.  Sweet Baby Jesus was reviewed on a previous episode, sorry we can’t remember which one, but we do remember that it just didn’t have the real strong peanut butter flavor we were looking for.  The Sweet Baby Java is the same peanut butter porter infused with espresso.  Again not enough peanut butter flavor for us, but the espresso added a nice coffee flavor that did pair well with the subtle peanut butter.  If you like coffee beers this is one for you.




Leigh’s pick this week is from Angry Orchard and it’s a cider from them that we hadn’t heard of.  Easy Apple is unfiltered and a bit cloudy (if you’re not a fan of unfiltered products or they don’t agree with you, you probably want to skip this).  Leigh founded if very drinkable though,  dry and not too sweet and with an alcohol percentage of 4.2 this could be a go to for some patio day drinking.


Stacey’s pick this week, Lime Pilsner from Uinta (we still don’t know how to pronounce this) is also perfect for doing some patio day drinking, the can also fit well in a koozie.  Stacey thought this beer was fairly light and had just the right amount of lime.  Avoid Bud Light Lime, Corona etc. and pick this up.  Definitely a recommend for the upcoming summer pool/backyard get togethers.


Lauren’s pick this week comes from Lagunitas.  We’ve had several Lagunitas products on the show before and we still  haven’t found one we didnt like.  Undercover Investigation Shut-Down Ale is kind of long name, but the beer was big on flavor.  The percentage was a little high at over 9%, but with like a lot of Lagunitas products it was a smooth easy drinking beer that wasn’t too hoppy.


Carrie’s pick this week comes from Avery Brewing’s Dictator Series.  Carrie had the Kaiser in a previous episode and had to try the Czar.  The Czar is an Imperial Stout and like with any good Imperial Stout it’s got a pretty high percentage at over 10.  This is definitely not a beer for day or patio drinking.  As Imperial Stout’s go it was OK.  It was slightly bitter at first and as it warmed up the molasses flavor really came through.  It’s a recommend if you like Imperial Stout’s and Carrie didn’t hate it near as much as the Boleshivk’s hated the guy on the label.

What We’re Drinkin’ This Week…

Need a break from Dyngus Day festivities? We’ll talk about what that is and much more in our latest episode, from what’s happening in the English Premier League to hockey to spring college football games and whether or not craft beer names have become too risque. With the GBS squad, you probably have a good idea of where we fall on risque names (um, Just the Tips?). We’ll also reveal whether the squad is on Team Ears First or Team Tails First when it comes to consuming a chocolate Easter rabbit. Give us a listen and tell your friends! #gbspodcast #wedowhatwewant

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The Sharin’ Beer this week comes from Ballast Point.  Their Nitro Red Velvet is a Golden Oatmeal Stout made with Chocolate and Beets.  Stacey and Lauren didn’t care for this beer at all.  Lauren had a strong opinion on it, you’ll have to listen to the episode to find out what that is, but let’s just say she compares it to something you wouldn’t want to drink.  Carrie didn’t think it was terrible and tasted a bit like cake on the back-end.  All three girls agreed that the color was more like Kool-Aid and that it would have been better as a porter.  They did like the art work on the bottle, very reminiscent of the Goonies but with food instead of treasure.


Leigh’s pick this week comes from Sweden, via Pivot Cidery.  Make Momma Proud is a Passionfruit Cider produced by Slim Pickens Cider and Mead in Sweden and imported by Shelton Brothers, Belchertown MA.  Leigh did enjoy the cider, but felt like the passionfruit overpowered any other flavor that it may have had.  If you can find it in your area it’s definitely worth a try.


Stacey’s pick this week is one of her favorite beers, but is not one that she has had on the show.  Tripel Karmeliet from Brouwerij Bosteels in Belgium.  This is a Abbe Tripel that has blends wheat and oats together with a spicy lemon dryness.  At 8.4% it is very light and drinkable.  Although it is excellent in the bottle, Stacey definitely recommends trying it on draft if you can find it.


Lauren’s pick this week is from 3 Floyds Brewing.  Don’t let the label fool you, Yum Yum is not a Bollywood beer, it’s an American Session Ale.  Once again very cool bottle art work, but not great beer.  Lauren gave it a half a yum, it was a pretty standard American Session Ale, but she probably wouldn’t go out of her way to get again.upload_kysLr3-large-500x500.jpg

Carrie’s pick this week also comes from 3 Floyds.  Rabbid Rabbit is a Saison Ale, and according to one of Carrie’s connections at Liquor Barn is a seasonal beer that apparently people buy by the case.  Since it is a Belgian Style Ale it was very reminiscent of Avery White Rascal or a general Witbier.  Although being brewed with brettanomyces it did not have any sourness to it.  It wasn’t a bad beer, and is worth a try if you are looking for a sasiosn with not a lot of sourness and witbier overtones, not sure about buying it by the case though.



What We’re Drinkin’ This Week

Just in time for the races, we are delighted to welcome Becky Ryder, Director of the Keeneland Library, to talk about Thoroughbred racing as well as some amazing treasures at the library. Open to the public with a substantial online collection, the library is one of the largest Thoroughbred-focused repositories in the world. Now that’s a special library! We know you’ll learn something in this episode, if not about horse racing or Lexington history, at least about the significance of the Blanton’s “The Original Single Barrel” Bourbon bottle stoppers!

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There was no Sharin’ beer this week, instead Carrie, Stacey and our special guest Becky all sampled some Blanton’s Bourbon.  Carrie and Stacey drank theirs out of some vintage Garfield mugs, which as anyone knows is the way bourbon should be consumed.   Blanton’s is a great bourbon if you can find it, sometimes it pays to know a guy.  If you do find it out in a bar or restaurant, side tip, you should really only be paying between $8-$10 a pour.  Anything more than that and the place is probably charging way to much for whatever other  bourbon they have that isn’t considered well.




Leigh’s pick for this week; Zeffer’s Slack Ma Girdle Cider comes from the other side of the world, specifically New Zealand.  It’s unique in that it’s made with apples that you can’t eat.  Even though you can’t eat’em you definitely can drink’em’, this was a dry cider with a clean finish, not too sweet.  A definite recommend, if you can find it.  If you’re in the Lexington area it’s currently available at Pivot Cidery.

download (1).jpg

Stacey’s pick for the week Spontanrosehip from Mikkeller, is a sour ale brewed with rosehip and aged in oak barrels.  There was some discussion as to whether or not the beer had turned since it was really really sour in the beginning.  By the end of the show, however, the fruit was starting to come through.  Stacey is a huge fan of sours, but this was almost too sour for her.  If you’re just getting into sours this probably isn’t the beer for you, however, if you like a good sour/fruit beer you should check it out, just let it breathe a little bit before drinking.


Lauren’s pick for the week comes from Flying Dog, makers of some fine quality beer, which we have sampled in previous episodes and enjoyed.  The art work on their packaging is always great to look at as well.   Unfortunately the Bloodline, Blood Orange Ale just didn’t deliver what if promised.  The orange flavor was very subtle and it drank more like a standard Ale, leaning on the IPA side.  If you’re looking for a beer with true orange flavor this isn’t going to be the beer for you, however, if you’re not really into beer flavored with fruit, but like just a hint you should check this out.  download.jpg

Carrie’s pick for the week comes from a home brewer.  Flemish Thunder is a 4.7% belgian style ale.  It was nice and cloudy and was very reminiscent of Avery White Rascal.  A tasty offering from the basement of a friend.


What We’re Drinkin This Week..

It’s springtime in Kentucky, and despite all the pollen, we’re so excited about opening day, patio season, and all the delicious beverages to accompany them! In a new segment, Would You Eat That, we discuss whether quinoa has a place at the ballpark or if Froot Loops are an acceptable hot dog garnish. We briefly discuss men’s college basketball, only to ponder if Gonzaga will find their couch burning feet tonight. You won’t want to miss our discussion of successful (and too successful) April Fool’s pranks. What’s not to love about a Taco Bell Liberty Bell?!
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