What We’re Drinkin This Week…

Sorry we negelected to post last week…blame Spring Break.  We’re back this week though with an all new episode.

Celebrate March Madness with us as we talk all things tournament-related, including upsets, commercials, our Final Four picks for the men’s tournament, and yes, the Kentucky Sports Radio video that went viral. We recognize UK Hoops for a great season despite many obstacles. We debate whether the Sweet Sixteen should be re-seeded and the ramifications for that. And of course, we talk about beer, with some updates about what’s new with Country Boy Brewing, Tin Man Brewing Company, and a few other surprises. Give us a listen and tell your friends.

Listen to “Episode 54 AirBud Ain’t Walking Through That Door” on Spreaker.

Sharin’ Beer
Leigh’s Pick
Stacey’s Pick
Lauren’s Pick
Carrie’s Pick



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