Go Have A Sports Experience!

By: Carrie; January 19th 2017:

Image result for stadium sunset
Credit: mlb.com

Watching sports on TV has certainly evolved over the years.  HD  changed the game, ticket sales to pro and college sports have declined over the years as people would rather stay home and watch the game on their super, HD, 3D, smarter than you TV.  Even with all of today’s technology, there is still nothing like going to watch a sporting event live.  It’s difficult to create the atmosphere of a live sporting event in your living room, no matter how many friends you invite over to watch the game.  Somehow, even though you have to take out a loan to get one, beer at a baseball game just tastes different from one that you get out of your fridge. And it’s certainly more difficult to get a “nacho helmet” from your kitchen.

It’s 2017, get off your couch and get out and watch sports live!   Check out the writers from Stadium Journey  and their Top 100 Stadium Experiences of 2016 to get started.


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